I pushed my hips back白胖妇女bbwbbwbbwbbwbbw

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I pushed my hips back白胖妇女bbwbbwbbwbbwbbw

I head down the hallway to detention. Ugh. This is SUCH a waste of time. I could be rehearsing lines or doing homework! I decide to dress fashionable one day and everybody panics! I wore my new corset/tank top, a short black skirt, and my black ankle boots. Hey I have a curvy body but I'm proud and loving it. I wanna show it off! But no that's "inappropriate"I enter the room and there's Mr. Embrey. Honestly, I feel bad for the guy. He has to run detention and he's a nice guy. And kinda cute. He's a little bigger than most guys but he's still cute. Like a teddy bear. He's got auburn curly hair I've always loved and blue green eyes that are just amazing. I say "hey" to him and he answers"Aimee? Never thought I'd see you here. What are you in for?" I sit down on a desk and part my legs a little, just enough to give him a small glance at my panties, teasing him."My outfit was deemed inappropriate" and as I say this, I can't help but notice his staring. He's trying not to but I know he can't help it. He stutters at me"O...oh really? Well I th...think you look very....pretty. But sitting on desks is not allowed. Please take a seat." I giggle"Why? You gonna make me?" giving him a wink. He stares at me a moment. Takes a deep breath, stands up and goes over to his door, he shuts and locks it. Because we're in an inner classroom, there are no windows. He sits back at his desk. His desk is at the back of the room while the door is at the front. When he sits back down, he says in a calm voice"Aimee, come here." I slowly walk up to his desk and place my hands on it, bending over enough to give him a view of my cleavage."Do you want something Mr. Embrey?" I ask, giving him a wink. He stands up, comes around to me and whispers in my ear "Bend over. All the way" suddenly it hits me how real this is."Wha...what?" He grabs the back of my neck and forces me down."It's time for you to learn what happens when naughty little girls tease their teachers." he slowly started undoing his belt. I started to panic."No! Please! Not that! I'm still a virgin!" he smiles and there's a glint in his eye of promise and lust."Hmmm. That isn't a bad idea, for later. For right now I think you just need a good spanking." He finished taking off his belt. then he flips up my skirt and pulls down my tights. exposing my bare, round, ass. then he started winding his belt around his hand. again I begged him,"Please! please no!""Shut up!now for being a naughty whore, and for trying to tell me no, you need 15 lashes. and you're going to count them all 'onesir, two sir, and keep going. if you lose count, then I’ll start all over. understand?""Y..yes sir""Good...and maybe if you behave, maybe I’ll give you a reward" and as he said that he dipped two fingers down into my pussy. causing a barely audible moan to escape my lips. he pulled his fingers away and without even a warning, the belt came down on my ass with a loud SMACK causing meto jump"Ah!....o...one s..sir." SMACK!"Oh two sir..."SMACK!"Three sir..."SMACK!"Four sir..." on and on it went. the belt smacking my thick ass, leaving red marks and welts. and through all the pain, I realized something. I was starting to ENJOY THIS. I could feel my pussy getting wet with every spank and every reply of "....sir" and before I knew it, soft barely (or hopefully barely) audible moans came with every count. and it seemed almost too soon before I moaned out"Fifteen sir." and with that, I heard him drop the belt and he gently started rubbing my ass..“Mmm good girl.you never lost count. and if 'm right, there were some moans toward the end. did someone enjoy being spanked like the naughty girl she is?" I nodded my head and weaklyreplied"Yes sir..." I heard him quietly laugh"Really? because I don’t believe you. maybe I should check your pussy andmake sure you're not lyingto me." he dipped two fingers down into my wet pussy. it felt amazing. he slowly pushed one finger in me and I could feel my pussy tighten like a vice. I knew I had always been tight, from my own experimentation. hell, I had accidentally popped myown cherry. but then I heard his voice.“Damn...your pussy is probably the tightest I’ve ever felt. Maybe I should stretch it out a little. After all, you took my punishment so well...now it's time for your reward." Then I heard him unzip his pants. In one final attempt, I whimpered out"Please..." he bent over me and got really close to my hear while his fingers gently started moving in and out. and he whispered inmy ear,,"Shh... shush. It's ok baby. I’ll go really slow. I’ll make it good for you. And by the end,激情偷乱人伦小说视频在线 you'll be begging for me to take you again and again. you'll be my own personal slut, free for me to use as I please. would you like that baby? would you like to be my little slut?" and before I knew what I was saying, the words came out of my mouth"Yes sir." he paused for a minute, then kissed my cheek and said back"Good girl" then he stood up and he took his fingers out of my pussy, ten he positioned the head of his dick at my slit and he started rubbing it up and down. making me moan even more. and again, I barely knew what I was saying but I started begging,"Please...please don't tease me! please just stick your cock in my pussy!" and the words had barely escaped my lips when he shoved his entire dick into me."Oh my god!!" I screamed as he deflowered me. it hurt, being stretched like that. but it felt so good, so full. he paused for a moment, letting me adjust to his size. but I heard him groan behind me."Damn Aimee...Idon'tknow how long I’ll last with yourpussy squeezing my dick like this." As I finally adjusted to his size, I pushed my hips back, giving him the 'ok' to go ahead. And so I felt him start to pull out before pushing back in. then he did it again, and again. before finally he found his own rhythm and he wasfucking me gently but it felt AMAZING. I was panting, breathing heavy. here I was, fucking thee teacher I had liked for 2 years. It felt so wrong, but so good. Then I felt his fingers reach down and start rubbing my clit fast. And as he kept fucking me, I felt my hips rocking back to meet his thrusts. And soon enough I started to feel myself teetering towards climax."Oh sir...I’m going to cum.""So am I baby. Damn, I’m gonna cum in this sweet pussy of yours." he thrusted harder into me again and again and we moved from making love, to fast, hard fucking. And soon he was commanding me,"Cum baby cum!" and my pussy exploded, coating his cock in my cum and his cock shot thick ropes of semen into my pussy, coating my insides. We stayed there for a moment, breathing hard before he pulled out. I stood up on wobbly legs and pulled up my tights and skirt before he looked at me then his cock."Get on your knees and clean it bitch." I dropped instantly and ran my tongue over it entirely, tasting the mix of his and mine cum that coated his cock. When it was fully clean, he grabbed my hand, stood me up and stared into my eyes. He spoke to me in a low voice"You're coming home with me, my slut." I could only nod my head. My head was spinning. But I knew one thing, it was Friday, and I have a long weekend ahead of me with Mr. Embrey.Then he kissed me, deeply and passionately and I realized something else. I was looking forward to whatever happened.





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