” I interruptedzooslook重口另类

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” I interruptedzooslook重口另类

Cushions Dr Wang was weird.A noted neurologist in his prime, he had implemented a myriad of therapies still in use today, but soon grew out of favor from his colleagues for his unorthodox resolution approach and social philosophies.Once rejected and demoted, the unfairly labeled 'Demented Doctor' was finally forced to accept an 'engineering' position with an upstart furniture manufacturer specializing in therapeutic furniture.Despite his frequently recognized professional success,he felt mentally unchallenged and actively pursued his own personal research during his free time. Dr. Wang was a quiet, short and stout offspring of a mixed marriage that had failed early in his youth.His Mother had struggled to support his younger Sister and himself well into maturity until succumbing to a heart attack while abusing herself withan oversized dildo in the shower.His Sister, Suki disappeared, and was finally located years later as the head mistress of a brothel in San Francisco's Chinatown district under investigation for selling sushi and sex without the appropriate state licenses.By now, the discredited doctor was living a semi-obscure lifestyle supported by his meager earnings from the furniture factory where our two destinies would merge. My name is Logan.I've been going through training as an EMT at the local JC while living at home and supplementing my income by selling whatever herb I can glean from a local medicinal grower, Ray.Times were tough, and I eventually succumbed to parental pressure to obtain regular employment despite my deep desire to live off the grid on a couple acres of hybrid herb.I spent a rainy afternoon scouring the net and local papers until I finally secured several leads that were flexible enough to further my education. The next afternoon a local bus dropped me off a block away from an unimpressive warehouse and after a quick blast of courage from a hit of train-wreck, I staggered into the front office and somewhat hesitantly announced my availability for employment to a middle age receptionist.Taking a seat in front of a montage of various chairs and beds manufactured on site, I shuddered at the thought of the manual labor required of a warehouseman along with the impending loss of personal freedom.Never known for my personal motivation, I had not held a job for any length of time, and had long ago fallen from the last rung of desirability to the opposing gender.If offered the position, my long maintained lifestyle would be unalterably shaken despite the potential advantages employment would offer. Still in the throes of self-pity, a well dressed up-beat older guy introduced himself as Harry, and escorted me to the privacy of his neat, well-maintained office.After a series of questions and a well rehearsed job description speech he welcomed me to the company and guided me out onto the production floor.The overall feeling rendered by the crew was mellow, and I found myself re-evaluating my negative thinking to welcome the thought of becoming part of the team.When we stepped into the small cluttered office of Dr. Wang, my feelings were reinforced with a with our first handshake.There was an indescribable bond far deeper than I had ever felt before, and I knew by his lingering smile we had made a connection of a lifetime.My delivery rig was an F-250 panel equipped with various dollies and a hand truck; and the storage area was a spacious, uncluttered, two tiered room that would make maneuvering the electric forklift effortless.Harry explained that after my deliveries were completed, I would stow and distribute supplies as required for the next day's production before heading home.My pay was fixed, there were no time clocks.More importantly, next to a deluxe coffee machine there were several vending machines with a wide array of munchies for even the most hardcore junkie. With two deliveries already staged, and Harry's delighted approval, I immediately set out to learn the characteristics of my job.Loading and securing the cargo was simple , and with a full complement of maps in the cab, I was soon winding through traffic on my way to Crystal Creek townhouses.The first sofa was delivered effortlessly with a $20 tip for my efforts.The other two delivery locations were progressively closer to the warehouse, and somewhat more lucrative.I returned to the warehouse with fifty bucks and a deluxe burger meal.As I was distributing the raw materials, I proportionately shared my tips with the workforce (after all, they built the furniture) and after stowing a few items headed for the bus stop and home.A call later that night from Harry to obtain the size of my company issued coveralls along with a plethora of gratitude confirmed the job was mine. After my final class ended the next day, I returned to the warehouse and found a note taped to one of the easy chairs I was delivering the simply stated: 'B4 U go Pls C Me' signed by 'the Dr.'Once loaded,I went to his office and knocked discreetly.He slowly opened the door, his weathered face brightened perceptibly when we made eye contact. “Nolan isn't it?” “Yes sir,” I returned pensively. “Come in and grab a chair.”He gently closed the door and paused for a few moments.“So you partake in recreational pharmaceuticals?” The color drained from my face, and I dropped my gaze to the floor. “Lighten up, my young friend – I worked on campus too many years not to know when someone's buzzed.Your secret's safe - got any to spare?” Taking a deep breath of relief, I pulled the bag with my remaining bud and handed it to him.He expertly broke off a chunk and stuffed the contents into a pipe he produced from inside his lab coat before returning the remainder.I eased into the seat and felt a slight jolt in my perineum that I attributed to static electricity. “I loaned a seat cushion similar to the one underneath you on to one of my former lab assistants last night and need you to retrieve it during your deliveries - just between the two of us, you understand.” “Sure Doc,” I retorted as a tingling in my groin intensified.“Let me have the address.”He handed me a business card with the address scribbled on the back and took a sip of his bottled water.“I'll be getting some more herbs over the weekend if you're interested,” I offered while rising from the chair with an unmistakable erection. “I would be,” he returned with an obvious glint in his eye.“You might want to cover that localized swelling;” he offered as he glanced at crotch, “I'm sure a few of the single production gals would insist on a functional demonstration.” Too embarrassed to respond, I nodded and made a hasty exit through the bustling production area to the safety of the cab.By the time I reached my first delivery address out in the suburbs, my bulge had subsided although my groin continued to quiver with sexual anticipation.The final stop was at a deluxe two-story townhouse to retrieve Dr. Wang's cushion. After two attempts at the doorbell, a disheveled middle aged lady responded wrapped in bath towel. “My, my, what a virile young stud we have here – come on in and give me some,” she blurted enthusiastically as she grabbed my belt and pulled me within.As soon as the door slammed, her right hand was fumbling with my jean fasteners while her other hand roughly pulled me down into a passionate lip lock.With her towel and my pants at our feet, we tumbled onto the plush carpet where she quickly maneuvered atop my naked torso and grasped my engorged organ gently.“When you get home, I want you to thank your folks for this glorious package,” she murmured as she admired my cock thoroughly before squeezing the life out of my throbbing shaft. “Please, lady. . .” I protested meekly to the unmistakable passion in her eyes and anticipatory trembling in her thighs that signaled she was far beyond rational reception.She deftly positioned my purplish glans at her fuzz covered opening and threw her head back with a high pitched squeak as her body quaked and shivered in the unmistakable throes of an orgasm.Her delicious pussy slipped further down my shaft as another, more breath taking orgasm overwhelmed her.The large rose colored nipples capping herpale white melons were now granite etching hard as her full breasts gyrated wildly.Her spasms were so forceful they shook herbody downward suddenly to fully engulf my hyper sensitive cock into her steamy core.Her eyes rolled up into her skull and she toppled over on top of my gasping chest with a thud. I thought I had killed her, and my imagination went into overdrive as I struggled to freedom and into my disheveled jeans.Standing over her quivering form, I reasoned she was still in the land of the living by her tremors and gently covered her with her towel.From the corner of my eye, I located Dr. Wang's cushion on the easy chair, and quickly unplugged it. Quietly slipping out the door, I made sure it was securely locked before scrambling back to the security of the truck to make my second hasty exit of the day.Now most men might have taken advantage of a non-contentious, naked counterpart, but losing my position after one day on a pure gravy job would be a resume killer.Once a safe distant from the townhouse, I pulled out a partially roasted joint and finished it off just as I turned into the parking lot of my favorite day old bread store.With the $40 worth of today's tips, I bought a case of pastries and sodas for the production crew before cruisingback to the warehouse. Once I stepped onto the loading dock, I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief.Quickly I set about storing several pallets of raw materials and distributing the supplies with the pastries to the crew amidst their unique gestures of gratitude.One of the upholsterers that I was briefly introduced to the first day called me over.Her name was Serena, a mocha skinned exotic beauty that belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine.Her voluptuous curves and a youthful zest were guaranteed to fulfill the fantasies of even the least virile unimaginative male. “Kinda left in a hurry today,” she cooed with a sweet suggestive voice that would turn most males into a puddle of melted goo. “I uh, sorta had something on my mind; sorry,” I stammered. “That was obvious,” she replied as her eyes slowly wandered to my crotch, “Anytime you would like to share your thoughts or anything else for that matter, I'm available.” “Uh. . .Thanks,” I muttered as her words took root.Was she propositioning me or had my thinly veiled erection concealment failed miserably.I damned near tripped over my shoelaces as I scurried back to the delivery truck to stuff Dr. Wang's cushion into a discarded carton while trying to shrug off the obscure tendrils of paranoia.Why a prime looker like Serena would even consider an overfed, long-haired underachiever like myself escaped me, and I decided to ditch the cushion as quickly as possible and escapediscreetly before my head exploded from the unlikely female interactions I had thus far experienced today.Just then, Dr. Wang rounded the corner into the storeroom and I wordlessly handed him the box with the cushion and a package of pastries.He smiled, a grateful smile, and motioned for me to follow him back to his office.Once inside with the door closed, he motioned me towards the only available chair and sat down heavily. “We just got a large contract from Happy Valley for six couches and several lounge chairs - might be the break we need to open a second facility on the other side of town.Any problems today?” “Not if you don't mind being raped by a sex crazed MILF,” I retorted somewhat sarcastically. “Thought that might happen,” he offered smugly as another uncharacteristic grin creased his weathered face. “I left her in a heap on the floor - think she's OK.” “I'll give her a call,” the Dr. returned sensing the concern in my last statement.“Everything else OK?” “Yeah, well you know that gorgeous babe Serena over in upholstery – I think she came on to me!” “Must be having problems with her current lover,” the Dr responded thoughtfully.“I never partake in inter-office affairs.You have any plans this evening?” “Just a good buzz. . .” “We can do that over at my place, unless you have other plans.” “I'd like that, let me wrap up a few loose ends and I'll be ready.” “Good, I'll call your so called rapist and close-up for the day; meet you out front.” I met him on the loading dock and we strolled over to a vintage Lincoln Town Car parked a sizable distance from all the other employee vehicles.On the way home we talked about everything and anything, stopping at a KFC for a bucket, before pulling up in front of an old apartment building.His corner basement apartment was damp and musty with old pillowcases for curtains and a classic refrigerator that sounded like a muted lawnmower.We shared a bowl from his vintage bongand settled onto his couch/bed. “Nolan,” he began with unmistakably serious undertones, “I suppose you have heard rumors of my rejection by the scientific community.Most ground breaking scientists suffer the same fate at some point in their careers but usually continue their research as I have.As I began my internship in neurology, I encountered a growing number of patients suffering from various forms of sexual dysfunction and grew to understand the tremendous impact sexuality has on all aspects of our adult lives.After several years of research, I concluded that despite the myriad of social and cultural prohibitions, a simple electric-biological solution might restore the inactive neural pathways necessary to resume healthy sexual activity.Utilizing tens units – you know what they are. . .”I nodded intently.“. . .with their non specific electrical frequencies, I learned when tuned to a specific harmonic frequency and applied directly to the lower spine, the negative symptoms could be greatly reduced or even eliminated. “Hence, as my colleagues pursued nitrite induced dilation for males, I studied female neurological triggers andthe frequencies that would potentially restart their faltering sexual libido.It wasn't until the hand held tazers were developed that I was able to a isolate a series of positive frequencies from the burst of nerve stunning energy they generated,When applied to the pudendal and genitofemoral nerves with a brief perineum micro-burst, they would literally restore normal sexual function and in most instances enhance the female libido.My position as a furniture engineer provided a perfect opportunity to test various platforms for effectiveness and comfort.” “Doc,” I interrupted, “You discovered a way to jump start frigid pussies?” “It's not 100% effective, of course. . .” “Beside that nymphomaniac I escaped from this afternoon, how many other subjects have you tried this therapy?” “Well, outside of yourself, several former patients, Serena, the local high school cheerleader squad. . .” “Geez Doc,” I retorted as I reached for the bong, “Why me?” “Curiosity. . .your pheromones are undoubtedly off the charts by now; you might consider vitamin supplements as a dietary necessity.” “Were those cheerleaders the ones suspended for bangin' the football team?” “It was the result of a regrettable communicative breakdown.Our former delivery person was a jock with the cranial capacity of a neanderthal.. When I asked him to deliver a warming cushion from my office, he spotted my experimental prototype andgrabbed it instead of the desired cushion.During the course of the game, the cheerleaders , their coach, and several other individuals were unintentionally exposed.By the time I could replace the prototype, the orgy in the locker room was well underway.” “And Serena. . .” “I had stepped out of the office when she took the seat with the cushion awaiting my return.Formerly, she was a poster child for abstinence – but immediately after exposure the rumor mill has it that she hooked up with several gentlemen in the seminary up town.By the way, if you encounter any unusual physical or emotional reactions please let me know. . .” “I'm good,激情偷乱人伦小说视频在线 Doc; you going to try to sell this thing?I'm still trying to wrap my head around this concept, but I'm not sure you have a marketable product.” “Oh,” he retorted skeptically. “Its a short term symptom specific item, that will require years of testing anda change of philosophy from the medical community..”I took a fulfilling dredge and repacked the bowl. “But the therapeutic value. . .” “Could inadvertently breed millions Doc, if you put this on the open market, every horny jock would be buying cushions for their unsuspecting girlfriends and frustrated motherswould be buying them for every seat in the household.Soon unsuspecting grannies wouldbe attacking guys with overloaded pheromones in the park.I don't even want to think about the effects of an overdose; it could get pretty ugly pretty quick.”I re-lit the herb and took a slow drag before handing the bong back to the Dr. He took the bowl and took a long slow drag in silence.“I see where you're going,” he stated pensively.After a long pause he inquired; “What would you recommend?” ”Doc, I'm not the guy to ask - but were talking about a life changing invention worth millions here.I suppose I'd get a patent and crank out letters to the appropriate scientific journals.Eventually, one of your colleagues is bound to take positive notice.” The Doc nodded and hummed quietly to himself for awhile before he returned the bowl.“You know, my former assistant wouldn't mind if you stopped by again.” “Not again, Doc – well, maybe if she's got a butt load of prime herb,” I retorted, “Unfortunately, I gotta think about getting home pretty quick before my folks call missing persons.” “I appreciate your candor, my young friend and please keep this conversation confidential.I'll give you a lift - take the rest of the chicken with you.” I intentionally left the remainder of my bud on the sofa, and joined my new found confidant for an enjoyable ride home.Slipping in through the back door,I crawled under my comforter and drifted off amidst a myriad of conversational memories with the Doc.The next morning, I wrapped up my schoolwork and headed out to the “farm” to replenish my herb supply.Ray was uprooting a hybrid patch that wasn't producing to his expectations andoffered me whatever I could carry. After handing over my profits from the previous cache, I began cleaning while Ray's daughter Mary came on to me like a rabbit – stroking her smooth tanned legs, unbuttoning her short halter top to reveal full breasts cradled in a translucent bra, and talking suggestive shit straight out of a porno movie. Finally, despite my misgivings, I succumbed to her innuendos and allowed her to herd me into her pink, unicorn adorned bedroom. Her surprisingly firm breasts crowned with small coffee colored nipples formed perfect pillows from where I savored the delightfully delicious texture of her nubile skin.The peach fuzz covered mound of her pubis was sprinkled with the dew of her arousal and tasted remarkable.Within moments, my wandering tongue zeroed in on her throbbing clitoris and becamea mini-cyclone on steroids bringing her perilously close tothe edge.Quickly climbing up her nubile form, I effected penetration forcing her into a flopping fish orgasm complete with high pitched expletives uncharacteristic of her youth.I pressed on fervently, savoring the youthful wet folds caressing years of neglect from my hypersensitive organ.Her legs wrapped tightly around my torso with a death grip as we neared threshold and, as any gentlemen should, I held off my explosive climax until she spasmed wildly with her own.Unfortunately, as I began flooding her tight canal with my essence, I was unmercifully cut short by the sound of Ray entering the back door whistling loudly.Mary and I collectively held our breaths until we heard Ray exit and we quickly got dressed. Giving me her arousal stained underwear and a quick kiss, she bounded out the front door with my still warm essence trickling down her thighs. I followed several minutes later and finished cleaningmy plunder under her lust filled gaze. Finally, with a back pack full of cannabis, I climbed aboard the Trailways and maintained a low, paranoid profile all the way home until my stash was safely stowed.Knowing the fresh leaves would require several weeks to cure properly,I had purchased more train-wreck with the last of my cash stash for the Dr and myself.After a delicious prime roast dinner at home, I helped with dishes and engaged in our compulsory Saturday night bullshit/family bonding session.Throughout the conversation, I found I now spoke with new found purpose and confidence.Reflecting back on my conversation with Dr. Wang,it occurred to me that widespread distribution of the therapeutic cushions could alter the very fabric of our species evolution.With true sexual equality attained, motivational behavior, economics, politics, and social norms, would be monumentally altered.Listening to my folks discuss their basic middle-American beliefs only confirmed my conclusion.After a fitful nights' sleep, I reviewedmy class work before heading out to mow the lawn; a brainless endeavor when one is appropriately buzzed.When completed, I zoned out spread-eagle on the freshly cut grass with an overwhelming sense of well-being from my intimate connection to nature. I was dozing in my mid-day euphoria when the hunched form of the Doc blocked out the sun. “Hi Doc,” I grumbled as I struggled into a sitting position, “Care to join me?” “Might like that, mind if my friend join's us?” “Not as long as the sunlight ain't blocked.”I closed my eyes and eased back down.” “Got some of that virile young seed for me?” My eyes shot open, and somewhere in the dark recesses of my recent memories I identified the voice of my rapist.“Might want to check with my folks first; they're due back from the church of Saint Chastity any moment,” I countered as I rolled over to to face my nymphomaniac nemesis.“Wouldn't mind a little later in the privacy of my personal dungeon though.” My guests both laughed and I was introduced to Dr Katrina, a state licensed therapist thoroughly briefed on Dr. Wang's inventions.We recycled the conversation from the night before and kicked around a few more options before I mentioned I had someprime cannabis drying I need to check.We wandered beyond the visual limits of thehouse to my reconditioned stash shack obscured behind a scrub covered knoll down by a wandering creek.Completely insulated with power covertly tapped from the neighbors line, it was equipped with secured storage bins, lights, stove and even a salvaged dehumidifier.With Katrina's assistance, we turned over the mountain of leaves before I produced my prime bud and we all lit up.From outside, it must have appeared the shack was on fire!Pleasantly buzzed, we wandered back to the house, and I introduced them to my recently arrived folks.Beyond accommodating, they furnished us with a great home made dinner and fantastic conversation until darkness compelled my guests to leave. The next day, my deliveries went routinely, and the pizzas I bought with my tips went over well. Restocking went far better than expected as Serena was now showing more than just a passing interest with provocative attire and sly innuendos that would make a seasoned sailor blush.The Doc called me aside as I was leaving and handed me a small cell phone sized modified tazer, explaining its function and where to place it on the small of the back for best results.He requested I keep records of anyone I 'zapped,' and it was understood that its use must remain confidential.I stuffed it into my pocket while thanking him fervently.Making a casual yet elated exit, I was walking over to the bus stop savoring a large piece of pineapple pepperoni pizza when a late model VW bug screeched to a stop directly in front of me. “Wanna ride ?”The passenger window slid down silently and I immediately recognized the two flawless orbs that adorned Serena's chest.Her skirt was hefted up in front just enough to reveal a tiny glimpse of her moist, neatly trimmed pussy with the shadow of her engorged cleft peeking through.“I know I need one!” Protocol be damned, I snatched open the door, threw in my backpack and slammed the door behind me.Her arm was already around my neck pulling me in for a long lustful lip lock.Then, amidst the sound of blaring car horns, we sped off through the traffic with my trembling hand stroking the smoothest thigh ever created.Within a few wordless minutes, we parked in front of a graceful two story structure where she pulled me into a breath sucking french kiss that left me struggling to see past the hazy stars.Somehow I found the door handle and yanked it open behind her before releasing my own to bound after her up the weathered concrete stairs.As she fumbled with the keys, I savored the smooth fragrant skin of her neck, making her squeal as she struggled to release the stubborn deadbolt.With a defiant click the door finally creaked open, and we were back in each others arms in an instant, sampling the wanton flesh we were about to ravish. “I have every intention of fucking you senseless,” I offered between tender kisses. “I don't really care about your intentions mister, “ she responded lustfully, “I'm interested in how you use your equipment. . .”She grabbed my semi-erect member forcefully through my jeans and moaned passionately.I grabbed the hem of her light pink sweater and pulled it forcibly over her head and tossed it.Fumbling with her bra clasps that mercifully opened quickly despite the sizable strain they were under, I speechlessly beheld the two most symmetrically perfect baby bottles on the planet.I immediately morphed into a mindless, orally fixated drone at that juncture, and dove into those soft firm globes while my free hand pulled her skirt over hips to slide on the floor.My hand slid onto her moist muff, and as my first two fingers slipped into the silky warmth of her most intimate place, her hips involuntary thrust forward damn near breaking my wrist.Feasting on her rigid nipples, she uttered an almost unearthly moan as my hand and mouth began a synchronous massage.She stiffened almost immediately and began to quake as her orgasm crested, filling my hand with her explosive eruption.With my animal nature in overdrive, I fell to my knees and ingested her flowing essence as quickly as she spewed, triggeringa second, more explosive orgasm I still refer to as the 'Rebirth of Krakatoa.'I damned near drowned in the ensuing tidal wave of her essence. Her entire body quivered from the shiny crown of her thick dark hair to her delicately manicured toes, and despite her futile attempts to remain on her feet, she crumpled to the floor while I retained my lip lock on her profusely erupting genitals.Once spent, I quickly disrobed and guided my hypersensitive cock into her throbbing pussy.She shrieked and slammed her arms and legs around me as her torso bucked uncontrollably.It is highly unlikely this world will ever again encounter a woman with the sexual voracity of Serena that evening.It required every conceivable ounce of effort to counter her spine cracking thrusts.Mercifully, the effort was short lived when she bathed my genitals with yet another explosive release which unlike before, sent her body into a continuing series of orgasmic tremors.Balancing myself on my hands, I continued thrusting into her tight contracting pussy relentlessly, reveling in her body's mindless response.Suddenly, she arched her back inhumanely, and with an ear-shattering squeal squeezed the life out my hapless cock with her vaginal muscles and nearly stabbed me to death with her two rock-hard nipples.She collapsed into a mound of quivering spent flesh as I continued my vaginal assault - never wavering until my seed boiled explosively onto herpulsating cervix. Unlike previous encounters, my erection remained undiminished and after a brief pause to fondle her amazing mounds, I shamelessly rutted her spent remains a second time, concentrating on the raised pucker of her engorged g-spot and reveling at her bodies continual response to my passionate simulation.Finally, with a cry resembling her imminent strangulation, she spasmedagain, and I released the remains of my essenceamidst the sensation of my balls being ripped out be their roots.There is a certain amount of truth to the heights of eroticism bordering somewhere between pleasure and pain that I would never had accepted sans my first incredible encounter with this ravishingly beautiful creation.It would require several hours to recover sufficiently to pursue our separate agendas, but we both knew no other night could ever offer the ecstasy this night had provided. As we slowly recovered are now aching bodies, Serena whispered “Your the kind of boy a girl would like to take home to meet her Momma.” “Hmmm. . .a manage-de-twat; sounds kinky!” She swatted me playfully; “You know what I mean.” “We could sit around and talk about babies while your Dad fumbles around in the gun closet for his bazooka,” I quipped as I savored the last of her essence caked on my mustache.Somehow, I was still able to get home in time to rotate my stash and zap Mom.She paused for a moment to rub the small of her back, and with a never before seen look in her eyes, walked straight over to my Dad who was reading the evening rag and whispered something in his ear.Their bedroom sounded like a brothel on payday for the better part of that night, and Dad's smile at breakfast confirmed Mom's positive response to Dr Wang's therapy. Several years have passed since the 'Rebirth of Krakatoa.'Serena eventually married a rich banker type and lives in a mansion on the outskirts of town with her offspring running around her feet and an occasional therapy session with yours truly.I got my EMT license and was promoted to full time, bought a second hand RV that's parked on Ray's property where I keep an eye on his crop when I'm not working or performing therapy.Dr. Wang's invention was rejected by the scientific community for some obscure technicality, but a former colleague, who's a member of the Japanese underground,bought into the apparatus and incorporates it in a wide variety of sexual enhancement toys widely distributed throughout the Orient.It should be just a few years before they make their way into a adult bookstore near you. And Dr. Wang; we're still close, frequently sharing a bowl by the campfire.His current research involves a projected electrical impulse that emulates THC affects on the human body.Dr Wang is weird.




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