her eyes glazed overzooslook重口另类

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her eyes glazed overzooslook重口另类

Cushla was getting overexcited by the whole thing now, pushing the toy too hard and too deep and causing Sienna to cry out for us to stop. I took the reins again and brought Sienna back under control then gently slid the rubber cock out of her. Her arsehole, now free of the large toy, gapped open at us. Cushla eye's widened at the sight 'Wow' she exclaimed in total awe. I pushed the purple cock through the hole in the front of the strap on harness and looked down at myself, admiring the dildo as though it were my very own hard-on. I felt such power and authority and immediately had to try it out. I crouched behind Sienna and brought 'my cock' back to her widened arsehole. "I'm going to fuck you now Si," I said "I'm going to fuck you hard and I want you to take it." I was quite surprised to hear words like that coming from my own mouth, it was like having a dick was bringing out the commanding male in me. Sienna didn't answer, only pulled her cheeks wider apart and waited for me to push into her. She was well and truly loosened up now and I could easily push 'my cock' into her. I took her hips in my hands and thrust my own hips forward burying the tool deep into her arse in one push and forcing a high pitched moan from Sienna as she was once again stretched to limit by the cock. This time I gave her no time to adjust, placing my hands on hers and helping to pull her buttocks apart as I repeatedly drilled into her shitter. Each thrust I gave pushed her forward and produced a small cry from her lips, I couldn't tell if she was loving it or wishing I would stop but as she hadn't said anything I continued to hammer her arse, spearing the purple cock deep into her rectum. I had been banging Sienna's bottom silly for nearly five minutes before I noticed her starting to shake slightly. Then her little moans began to grow longer and her breathing more rapid and sharp. "Ooooooooooooh my god, oooooh fuck!" she began to cry. Her right hand let go of her bum cheek and began to furiously rub her clit as the first wave of ecstasy exploded inside her. Her screaming became so loud I knew the neighbours would hear. "Fuuuuuckkkkkkk!" she cried as her orgasm tore through her body, shaking her violently as though she was possessed. Eventually she calmed down and I slowed my thrusts, gradually coming to a stop and drawing 'my cock' out of her. Sienna fell in a heap on the floor, little post orgasm vibrations occasionally shaking her body. She just lay there, her eyes glazed over, staring into space. I waited, slightly concerned that I had caused the crumpled heap on the floor some serious damage. Finally she caught her breath long enough to speak. "That was the single most amazingly intense experience of my life," she whispered. "I can't even move.""You did pretty well for a first timer." I said encouragingly "Think it's something you'll want to do again?""That's all I want to do." she answered, closing her eyes and reaching around to feel her arsehole. A worried look appeared on her face "Jesus, I hope it shrinks up again, you could drive a truck up there now." "You'll be fine" I reassured her "You might be feeling it a bit tomorrow though."Suddenly there was a small commotion behind me. I turned around to see Cushla throwing her clothes off and pulling at her underwear. "What are you doing?" I asked."You have to do me now, I can't witness that without needing to know what its like too." Cushla answered tearing her stockings off and pulling her panties to her ankles. "Ok," I said, I was amazed that she'd come around to the idea so quickly but I didn't want to scare her off with more questioning."First I'll need to loosen you up a little." I said, bringing my hand up to her arse. Cushla pushed it away, dismissing my offer."Fuck that, just put it in me." she demanded. "I want that fucking thing in my arse now!" She was obviously excited and although I didn't want to hurt her my new sense of power suddenly got the better of me. "Ok bitch," I teased, bringing myself up behind her. I knew there was no way that Cush would be able to take 'my cock' without preparation. She was a strong willed girl but that wasn't going to save her when her arsehole was being forced open by a wrist thick dildo. I pressed the head up against her tight opening now, she still had time to change her mind."Are you ready bitch?" I asked her."Just give it to me!" she snapped back. That was it. I trust my hips forward but came up against immense resistance from her bum. I grabbed her hips and pushed hard, forcing 'my cock' into her. I looked down to see her small orifice suddenly stretch wide and engulf the dildo, my pushing forcing the entire shaft into her bum in one single movement. Cushla's head flew back as she cried out but I wasn't stopping now. She'd asked for it and now she was going to get it. As her long black hair flicked back I grabbed it in bunch and pulled her head back as I began to ram 'my cock' into her tight arse. Cushla gritted her teeth hard and her big eyes crunched shut, I knew she wanted me to stop but her stubbornness wouldn't let her ask. She couldn't let herself be beaten. Instead she held on, taking the huge toy up her virgin arse like a pro. "Just breath around it." I said to her "Let yourself go." And she did."Fuck, fuck,激情偷乱人伦小说视频在线 fuck, aarrgghhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed, her cries finally admitting to us that she was struggling. "Relax Cush, just go with it." I said, pulling her head back again and continuing to bang her behind. Her breaths become short and shallow followed by long whines as she endeavored to cope with the sensation of having her arse empaled for the first time. I was feeling so empowered in my new role as the dominant partner that I forgot all concern for my new pupil, tearing into Cushla's rectum with my fake cock. Then suddenly I felt something pushing at my own backdoor. Sienna was behind me, trying to work something into my tush. I relaxed my arse and felt the intruder slide into me. The thing felt slightly ribbed and was big, big enough to remind me to take it a little easier on Cush. It took me a few seconds to find a rhythm that aloud me to push 'my cock' into Cushla as the whatever it was that Sienna was forcing into my arse was on the out stroke. I soon had it down and found myself enveloped in yet another new feeling, the combination of taking it up the arse at the same time as forcing 'myself' into someone else was almost like watching myself being fucked. I noticed now that Cushla's desperate panting had cooled down a little and she now seemed to be taking to anal in quite a big way, pushing herself back hard against me and grunting in response to each thrust. Then the dirty talk started. Hearing such filth coming from her mouth as I deflowered her was such a turn on and in conjunction with coping it myself I began to feel my orgasm swelling up within me. "Fuck me you bitch, fuck me harder," Cushla bellowed in between her deep breathing "Oh god! Ram that rubber dick up my fucking shit hole!" I couldn't believe her dirty mouth, this was a girl that only an hour ago was disgusted at the very thought of taking anything up her precious exit let alone from another girl, but her words were definitely having an infectious effect on me as I found myself screaming out. "Oh fuck Sienna, give it to me harder, I can take it, just fuck my arse you slut!" I screamed out over the top of Cushla's cussing. Whether Sienna was turned on too or insulted by my comments I couldn't tell, she only responded by pushing whatever it was she was using deeper and faster into my eager arsehole. It sent me over the edge. I suddenly felt myself drift off into the back of my mind then BANG, my orgasm exploded through me. I started fucking Cushla with wild abandon as I came harder than I can remember cumming in a long time, sandwiched between these two beautiful, newly initiated butt sluts, their soft skin rubbing against mine as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. I collapsed on my side, pulling 'my cock' from Cushla's dilated ring and feeling my own arse empty as Sienna pulled the thing out of my bum. I turned over to see what it was."Corn on the cob anyone?" Sienna asked cheekily, holding up the yellow vegetable. Before I could respond Cushla was already on it. "Yes please, now!" she said, spreading her cheeks and pointing her bottom into the air again and displaying her newly christened arsehole to the world.'Fuck,' I thought to myself, smiling, 'I think I've created a monster.'




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