as best as she could扒开校花的小泬喷白浆

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as best as she could扒开校花的小泬喷白浆

Amanda woke up and was aware that she was naked. A cold breeze brushed across her skin, making her nipples stand erect. Her eyes fluttering open, she looked around. Lying in bed she realized that she was not alone. Looking up slowly she saw Mikel sitting in a chair casually. Amanda started, throwing covers over her naked form.“Mikel!”“You are awake, good. We need to go Princess.” Mikel stood, closing a book he had been reading.Amanda looked around and realized what was wrong.“My stomach…”“No time to discuss it, up.” Mikel wrenched her out of bed by her arm.“Oww, damnit, that hurts.” Amanda fought getting to her feet, trying to figure out what had happened. “Where is Balthazar? Where is my child?” She demanded.Mikel did not answer, instead he threw at her a gossamer dress. Pulling it on, she looked around, there was a sense of urgency that could only mean danger. Amanda worried some evil had befallen her husband and child. Roughly taking her by the arm Mikel began dragging her out of the room and down the hallway. Immediately Amanda heard the wailing, moaning and screaming coming from the great hall. Her heart began to race as they grew closer to the room despite the fact that there was a twinge building between her legs.Stepping into the room Amanda witnessed chaos. There were tons of human women all over the room being ravished by just as many demons. Some women were enjoying the act but most were not. Screaming for help, looking around in shock, a few of the women implored her with their eyes. Other thought her another victim being dragged in for the orgy.“My God.” Amanda whispered.“She has nothing to do with this. This, my lady is survival of our species.” Mikel lowered his voice, “And it is wrong.”Amanda looked up at Mikel, unsure that she heard what he had said. Looking around she watched the orgy before her. She was shamed that she was becoming turned on watching and listening. The twinge between her legs began to grow and throb making her wet. Her breathing became ragged and her skin began to flush. The horrid decadence of the tableau before her was too much to bear but she could not drag her eyes away. Caught like a deer in headlights, she knew she was responsible for this. “Balthazar was right.” Mikel said to himself, turning around he looked at Amanda. “You bore a son, father was so angry he was going to sacrifice the boy. Balthazar questioned father’s rule. They fought and Balthazar was forced to flee with your son. The only reason why you are here is because you’re a fertile female. Father gave you to me.”Amanda breathed heavily, in shock. She felt Mikel walk away for a moment as she looked around. Horns trumpeted suddenly, catching her off guard and frightening her. Turning around she shivered as she heard the king being announced into the hall. Amanda watched as he strode in with all pomp and circumstance that he could muster, three women in tow in chains behind him. Sitting on the throne, he handed the chains over to one of the reptile people, who attached them to the throne. His cold eyes washed over the throne room until they landed on her. Smiling at her, he nodded his head at her and waited. Looking over at Mikel, she watched him approach her with a large black collar. Amanda recognized it as a position collar, a thing used in bondage that was a wide stiff leather collar that would impede moving her head. He placed it around her throat and attached a chain to the back of her collar, Amanda looked over at Mikel, her eyes wide. Pulling back hard on her hair, he forced her head back so that he could whisper in her ear.“There are things in motion, Princess that you are not yet aware of. Your husband lives, as does your son. They are in the mountains above Dhaul Marun,” Amanda was terrified as she was forced to stare at the king who smiled at her in return. “Father says if you refuse me, he will take you for himself, willingly or not.” Mikel continued to whisper in her ear as he stroked her hair. Amanda’s body flushed as she stood in a gown that was quite see-through before her father in law, who waited anxiously for his second oldest son to take his first son’s wife in front of him.“What is your decision?” Mikel whispered.Amanda turned and looked at Mikel.Her brother in law was in a position just as distasteful as she was. He was risking his life telling her this information, risking his life by playing along and taking her as his wife, protecting her. It was not the most of ideal of situations but there seemed to be little alternative. Looking up at him, as best as she could, she nodded yes and tentatively she began to kiss Mikel’s lips, her eyes wide and scared.“Try to relax.” He whispered as he kissed her shoulder.Amanda’s mind reeled as she replayed the decision, as if there was one to be made. The king wanted her for himself but gave Amanda to Mikel, so long as he took her upon her awakening. She didn’t want to be with the king but she didn’t want to be with Mikel either. She felt her odds of finding and saving Balthazar were better with Mikel. Pulling away she looked at him, then at the king. Mikel had given her the choice between he and the king, a choice whether to fight back or to accept fate and die. Taking a breath she took a chance and began kissing him back. Feeling his tongue probe her mouth slowly, cautiously. She could tell he was not used to these things and worried he may be too inexperienced to make their subterfuge work.“We will have to do this here, now, in front of him.” He whispered, kissing her down to her collar bone, below her positioning collar.Amanda nodded slowly, as best as she could. Standing slowly, he stared into her eyes for a moment; sorrow, anger, same and desires swam in his eyes. Leading her by her chain, Mikel guided her to one of the many beds before the throne. Nodding to his father, he pulled Amanda forward and stood her before the king. Unable to look away due to the collar, Amanda was force to look up at him. To appease his ego and to show deference, for now, she knelt, lowering her eyes.The king chuckled. “Proceed.” The king announced.Mikel gently tugged on her chain towards him. Turning around, Amanda faced him.“I am so sorry for this.” He whispered.Suddenly Mikel lifted her up in the air and threw her on the bed. Climbing on top of her, he began ripping and tearing at her clothing, shredding it with his talons. Several times, his eagerness overcame him and he accidentally would scratch a red ribbon open across her flesh. Amanda cried out. Mikel was forceful and powerful andat this point, if she wanted him to stop, she could not overpower him. He was full in the lust haze, his eyes glazed over. Instead she allowed herself to be taken by her brother in law. Staring over her form, Mikel was in awe of her and her body. Being mostly of a scientific mind, he had very little thought for the pleasures of the flesh. Not that he didn’t enjoy a good wank now and again. When he first met Amanda, already married to his brother, he found her quite alluring and found many reasons to be within her presence. Late a night he would lay on his bed and think of her as he pleasured himself, stroking his thick red cock till he would come so hard it would leave him shaking. Shame had colored his mind then, but he saw this as an opportunity to fulfill that fantasy, help his brother and protect Amanda. For him, it was really a win win situation. His throbbing member wept eagerly as he thought of all the ways he planned to take his brother’s wife, soon to be his wife. How would she feel? How would she taste? All of these thoughts were making him hesitate, he did not know where to start.Sensing his hesitation, Amanda offered to help get things started. If she were to be with Mikel to help save Balthazar and to protect herself until it was time to make their move, then so be it. Balthazar would understand, she hoped. Sitting up slightly, she palmed his rock hard cock and began stroking is softly as she kissed up and down his chest. While she was not wanting anyone but Balthazar, a part of her looked forward to this. She wondered idly if he was anything like his brother… remembering the hours upon hours they had had sex until she finally conceived. Her pussy twitched in anticipation. Dripping wet and so very hot she wanted to be filled. She needed to be filled. Her hand pumped him faster, her eagerness to be fucked growing, despite the fact she did not want it to be Mikel fucking her.Twitching, Milkel took a deep breath, steadying himself. He had not anticipated that she would touch him like this and it caught him off guard and unprepared. He knew he could not lose it in front of his father and so, he removed her hand and pined it to the bed with his own. Rotating his hips, he brushed the head of his red cock against her opening, teasing the both of them. Slowly he inched forward, marveling as it disappeared between her folds. The initial feeling of being inside her was overwhelming. Hot, moist and so amazing, he looked up, eyes closed, savoring the feeling. Then she clenched her muscles around his dick and squeezed. The action took his breath away and he instinctively slammed into her roughly, not taking into account the size difference. Amada bit her lip, tears squeezing past her closed lids. Pounding away at her sex, Mikel was more rough and untrained, but held her head gently as he continued with their bonding. Amanda bit her lip enough to taste blood in her mouth but it kept her from crying out. Wiggling her hips she repositioned herself below Mikel to try to make the experience less painful. Scooting her butt around, she found a spot that hurt less and was far more pleasurable for her. She glanced back and noticed the king scowling at her. She had to try to sell this experience as something she wanted. Closing her eyes and attempting to relax and at least pretend that it was Balthazar, she started working up a rhythm with Mikel. Her heart began racing, her breathing turned to panting and she began getting wet again. Reaching up she ran a hand up Mikel’s bare red chest. Soon, she began to feel his knot beginning to swell, she loved this part the most with Balthazar. It rubbed against her clit, making it easy to get lost in the effort. She braced herself and remembered that they were bound to do this until she carried his child. Amanda’s momentum faltered and she for but a moment panicked. “Stop!” The king bellowed.Mikel froze as did Amanda, looking at each other and breathing hard. Inside she could feel him twitching, felt his pulse through his cock. Amanda tried to look up to see what was happening, Mikel attempted to keep very still, his body trying to continue with their bounding. Looking over his shoulder at his father, Mikel’s chest heaved with want and need.“Can you remove yourself from her?” The king asked casually.Mikel withdrew himself slowly and found that he had not swollen as to fill her yet. Standing to his feet, Mikel turned and faced his father.“Bring her to me.”Trying to catch his breath, Mikel turned and grabbed Amanda and pulled her to her feet. Her knees still week from the effort of their bonding, she walked up the steps to the throne, the tatters of her dress trailing behind her.The only thing that she had going for her was that her collar kept her head held high. The king motioned for her to sit on his lap. Amanda hesitated for a moment before turning and sitting on his knees. She felt his hands wrap around her waist and pull her back fully before turning her around. Amanda tried to restrain the repulsion that built up in her, as she was spun around to face him. Her knees spread apart and her sex was fragrant. The king smiled.“I thought to take you as my queen but I took pity on my second son.”The king smiled at her.Amanda stared up at the demon, impassively.“Mikel will tell you all that transpired after you fell asleep. You will find out, if you hadn’t already, that your first husband was a traitor. You’ll do well to remember where your loyalties lay.”Amanda looked down for a moment. Thoughts of throttling the king raced through her head, at least maim his sex since he was so keen on fucking as many of these women as possible.“Bare him a child m’lady, then you can be mine and bare me many daughters.” He ran the back of a talon down her cheek, in an effort to be compassionate, or dominating, she wasn’t sure. Amanda stifled a shiver.“Your lord and master loves you child.” He said softly, leaning forward and nuzzling her cheek, his tongue licking up from her chin. Amanda had to fight the urge to be sick but sighed as he pulled back, her body relaxing slightly. Looking up in his eyes, Amanda’s heart raced as the king smiled at her. Moving back the folds of his robe, he took hold of his cock and began to stroke it thoughtfully. “I know he does, wherever he is.” Amanda choked out her reply.“No, not the nameless traitor.” He corrected, speaking to her as if she were a naughty child.“Mikel I suppose cares for me.” She answered, scared, knowing full well who he was referring to.“You did not kneel before Mikel.” He reminded her.Pausing for the most briefest of moments, the king looked at Amanda. The king moved her back and forth on his lap, tweaking a nipple or her clit,色偷偷人人澡久久超碰97下载 causing uncomfortable spasms of pleasure in her. Closing her eyes, she prayed silently that it would be over soon. Lights of pain flashed behind her closed eyes and she heard her breath catch in her throat as he stabbed upwards and impaled Amanda on his huge cock. Eyes went wide, her mouth in a silent ‘O’ of pain. Easily twice the size of Balthazar, she could feel herself tear as her body tried to accommodate his size quickly. Catching her breath, Amanda screamed and slammed her eyes shut, the pain blinding her mind. Clinching the arms of the throne, she braced herself against the torrential pounding the king was giving her. Her screams and cries of pleasures began to comingle. Feeling dirty and disgusted with herself that she was actually enjoying this on a base level. “I can see….why….Balthazar was taken….by you…ugh, you are so tight, so wet. It’s….so fucking…hard for me…. To not… fill youup… make you my breeding…..whore, oh Gods…..” He moaned. Feeling his hands on her shoulders, he attempted to press her down lower on his shaft, forcing her to take more of his size. She guessed she was maybe a third of the way down, halfway at most. It wasn’t bad enough that he was raping her but that he would damage her as well. The pain was too great for her to fight and the shame of the pleasure was sickeningly overwhelming, tears flooded down her face. All at once, the incessant pounding stopped. Panting, she opened her eyes and looked up.“You look at me with fear and loathing in your eyes,” the king spoke as if he had done nothing at all, he was not winded nor did he break out into a sweat. He was utterly composed. “I expect that the next time you look up at me, this closely, you look up with adoration instead. It suits you better.”The king removed himself from between her legs and roughly pushed her off his lap. Unable to stand fully, Amanda felt disgusted, used and broken and fell on all fours before the throne. Tears of pain, hatred and humiliation continued to fall down her face.“Mikel, continue with the bonding. She is not ready for me yet.” The king ordered, sounding utterly bored.Looking over at Mikel, Amanda gave the impression she was resigned however a quiet sense of purpose lit in her belly. It was small, barely an ember but it was there, stroked into being by the king himself. In order to survive this, Amanda knew she had to play along. She didn’t have many months before she would give birth and become his. In that time, she had to find Balthazar, had to find her son and somehow had to stop the king from what he was doing, not just to her, but to the female humans he had brought back from her world. She had no idea where to start but knew it involved Mikel and it started with this bonding ritual.She limped down the steps to the waiting Mikel and in one fluid motion, fell into his arms as he pivoted, tossing her gently back onto the bed. Without a word, he climbed up and hovered over her body. “We will find him.” He whispered, stroking her face softly.Looking down, he sighed, closing his eyes and entered her slowly. He could tell she was more loose than when he had her originally and the sharp inhalation of breath made it plain she was in pain but that was a deliberate move on his father’s part. Being the Alpha male, he could make his cock accommodate any size opening and to do what he did to her was exerting his dominance over this woman. He started slowly, allowing her injured body to grow accustomed to the motions. Her wetness and his precum helped to keep the friction on the more sensitive injuries to a minimum though he could tell she was in considerable pain. Changing tactics, he began to thrust harder and more deeply into her depths. Perhaps not giving her body the opportunity to react to the pain fully was the best policy, or blend the pain with the pleasure. Mikel wondered idly if he should smack her ass, or punch her face. He had no clue what he was doing. He was a scientist after all. This blending of the species was both distasteful in application but brilliant in design. He’d rather genetically bring his kind back from extinction rather than mate with a lower life form, but he could not argue with his father. Not after Balthazar…. And after all Amanda was something special, something different. Right now, she was his. Mikel shook his head, took a breath and focused on his task at hand. Moving her legs up and towards her shoulders, Mikel was able to penetrate deeper than he had before. Immediately his knot began to swell. Amanda was even able to moan in pleasure. Mikel smiled to himself and continued to focus on going deeper, harder. It pleased him too and soon he began finding it difficult to concentrate on his surroundings, the sensation of her gripping him with her sex and milking him was beginning to drive him crazy. Leaning up slightly, he began to growl as he pumped harder and harder into her. Gripping her by her hair, he pulled back. The motions of their fucking rocking them both nearly off the bed. With every stroke, Mikel growled louder and more aggressively, pounding harder and harder into her smaller sized frame. Reaching down with his other hand, he balled up his talon in her hair and slammed home.He suddenly froze in place as he experienced his orgasm, the crazy rush of pleasure that was too intense to be contained. Catching his breath, he could feel his heart race and her muscles around his cock twitch and massage him. A moment later, he flooded Amanda’s womb with his seed in spurt after spurt. Each time he came, his body twitched, sending further sensations throughout his whole being. Not technically a virgin, he had never experienced anything like this before. The power with which he suddenly desired his brother’s wife and the ferocity of his own orgasm was so intense, it frightened Mikel. Looking down at her, he wanted to possess her for himself. There would be no way that he could fight Balthazar in hand to hand combat. For now, their subterfuge would have to be enough or him.Taking a breath, Mikel sat back a little, waiting for the knot to pop out of her and was slightly disappointed when it hadn’t. He figured an orgasm that powerful should result in life. It took only a moment before he stifled a smile. When he realized that meant he could have her again and again. Mikel wrapped his arms around Amanda and slowly began to make love to her. This time gently but with all of the depth of motion from before. Rotating his hips slowly, he began recording everything that elicited a moan, sigh or sharp inhalation of breath from Amanda. His scientific mind was being stroked as much as he pumped her. Finding that if he rotated his hips this way, would make her moan, rotating them this way would make her meow like a cat and if he sped up and lowered his hips he could make her make curious noises that resembled those of a dolphin.He wondered how long he could prolong his orgasm making the bonding ceremony last as long as possible. He knew he had to find his brother, he knew he had to defend his people but all rational thought was lost between Amanda’s thighs and in her cries of delight.The king sat back and watched his second son and Amanda couple. She had been so tight, delightfully tight. Not like the whores he had with him, all three carrying his children. He wanted her so bad... there was something so sweet about Amanda that he wanted to break and keep for himself. The thought of pumping into her tight little cunt made the king hard. The image of flooding her body with his seed, implanting, impregnating her made him dizzy. He began to idly stroke himself watching her face. She actually looked like she was enjoying herself. Frustrated, he yanked on one of the chains and pulled the whore to her feet, dropping her on his cock, which he had resized. She cried out but the king slapped her into silence. “You speak when spoken to.” He whispered menacingly as he sat back and bounced her on his lap. The woman whimpered and whined while he fucked her lazily, watching Amanda’s face.This whore wasn’t like Amanda and it made the king grow angry. He wanted her again but it was too late. Mikel had already bonded with her. He sighed. Just a few months and she would be his.***Amanda laid on her side, eyes red from crying and sore from the fuckfest she endure with her brother-in-law. She tried not to think on it otherwise she’d start to feel sick. Mikel had removed her collar once they returned to her room. Looking towards the door, she thought about running, for the twelfth time that evening. Mikel snored away in bed next to her. Rolling over, she watched his sleeping form. He was not bad looking, he was similar to Balthazar but Mikel’s features were somehow diminished. Looking up at the ceiling, she fought back tears, knowing that she was now carrying his child, not Balthazar’s. The more she lay there thinking that their father set this up, the angrier she got. The only thing that made her pause was the idea that if she left then she faced giving birth without the aid of Mikel’s drugs and the conversations between he and Balthazar, while she didn’t hear them, the looks of concern on their faces told her what she needed to know. “To hell with this.” Amanda jumped up and threw on a pair leggings and tank top with a dress over them.Packing a ruck sack, she looked over at Mikel’s sleeping form. “It’s nothing personal but you’re not him.” And she left.Sneaking out of the room, she made her way down the hallway towards the great hall. It was the last place that she wanted to be but it was the only way to get to the doors to get out of the palace. Peeking her head into the hall, she saw that there were bodies everywhere. Most were asleep while a handful lazily moved, writing together as they fucked towards the bound being broken. Creeping quietly, she attempted to navigate the jungle of limbs, trying hard from stepping on or falling on anyone. A quick glance to her right and she breathed a sigh of relief seeing that the thrones were all empty. The king was elsewhere. Relaxing for a moment, Amanda took a breath but nearly screamed when hands went around her body.“Where do you think you’re going?” the voice whispered, threatening.Amanda struggled as she was being dragged away to an alcove where a bed was sitting. Used several times over it clearly had seen better days. Her assailiant tossed her onto the bed roughly. Looking back she looked over at a guard standing before her. How had she missed him? Her heart raced, was he going to kill her or worse tell the king?“Answer me.” The guard threatened standing before her.“I… I … I was just… I, um…” Amanda couldn’t think of what to say or do.“Tell you what.. I want to know what is so, intoxicating between your legs that two princes and the king want a piece of you. You’ve already bonded with Prince Mikel so this would be a sport fuck, then I’ll let you go and pretend I never saw you.”“And if I say no?” Amanda asked horrified.“I’ll still fuck you but then take you to the King.” The guard was already removing his loin cloth.“Hard to argue with that logic.” Amanda muttered shaking her head. How did it come to this? Slowly she removed the pants she was wearing below her skirt and laid back. The guard pulled her by the feet and got her standing again, bending her roughly over the bed, entered her smoothly. He was not as large as the royal family but he was adept at love making. There was an eagerness in his pumping but he was not overly rough. Surprisingly, he reached around and rubbed the nub of her clit, making her start to moan.“Shhh. Keep quiet, less we be discovered.” The guard hissed.Amanda bit her lip to keep silent. Rolling her head back, she met his strokes and actually found herself enjoying the feeling. She felt the talon of the guard at her lip and she bit down on it. It had been quite some time since she had sex for pleasures sake. Not having to bond, just base desire and lust. Feeling the illustrious pleasure of being filled that ecstasy of being complete. Reaching between her legs, she bats away the guards hand, instead pleasureing herself further with her hand, rubbing her clit as he sped up his rhythm. The west slap of his loins making contact asgainst her ass, his body beginning to glisten with sweat, her body likewise was hot beneath her clothing. The guard pushed her further down on her back, her face lay against the bed she was bent over. As he did it raised her as in such a way that caused the guard to hit her G spot. Stuffing a portion of the sheet before her into her mouth to keep from screaming. She could feel her wetness increase a pressure began to build within her. The low grunts from behind her indicated that he was close to his own sticky end. Without warning, her body convulsed and began to come, hard. Covering the guard with her juices, feeling the wetness drip down her body. Grunting he bent forward, putting his weight into her, her wetness lubricating his strokes. One rough push forward he grunted , grabbing her by the waist, his talons digging into her hips. Coming inside her, his seed mixing with her own juices, it ran like rivers down her legs, still he came. As the onslaught of his love making slackened, Amanda’s legs begn to tremble. Withdrawing himself he swayed on his feet. “I see…” He dressed in his loin cloth, “what the fuss is about. You’ve got ten minutes to get to the door before I have to call the alarm.” Standing on uneasy legs she pulled on the leggings once more. Retrieving her bundle she looked over at the guard a moment before turning to walk towards the door.“Know that if you come back, the king will have his way with you. So you better be sure if you leave.” The guard tipped his head. “Princess.” Turning he began walking back towards the sleeping bodies to watch over them for a few moments more. Shamed by her lascivious behavior Amanda slung the bag onto her back as she ran for the doors. She needed to find Balthazar and find some peace.




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