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very interestingyyyy在线在片

0001 - Tempro0003 - Conner0097 - Ace0098 - Lucy(ungrown)0101 - Shelby (mother ship)0667 - Marco0798 - Celeste0999 - Zan1000 - Sherry(To grow)0125040302000778030109080098(Lucy)0667 awoke with a start where was he? The last thing he remembered he was in battle with several of his brothers and sisters. Reaching out he couldn’t find anything to grab a hold of, it was almost terrifying. Finding his voice he tried to speak, at first he could only get static then slowly he started to hear voices.“Hello? Can anyone hear me? Please someone answer me,” came his almost frightened voice.“Hello 0667, you are safe now and on board me.” Came a female voice, suddenly all his fears disappeared; that was mother’s voice! Mother was still alive!“Thank you mother I have been asleep for so long it feels,” then a thought hit him, “mother are there many of us left?”“When you are active we will have a total of 8 ships, rest now son. The new emperor will wish to talk to you soon he always welcomes each ship as it awakens.”Excited 0667 did as his mother instructed, the new emperor! He’d never spoken to an emperor before this was indeed an honor!Shelby smiled at Derrick, he nodded to her to let her know that he thought she had done exceedingly well.Sighing Derrick had a few things that were weighing heavily on his mind namely the true identity of the one who was in charge of the Taiolan sect now. He shook his head; IF the information that they had received was in fact true. Derrick looked over the data again there had to be a mistake, there was absolutely no way in hell it could be him!Mary could sense Derrick’s distress and desperately wanted to help him, the thing was she had no idea what to do.On board Tempro Kimison and Rayburn were finally starting to make a little head way on the transfer apparatus, though it was only a little.“I’m telling you Rayburn the electromagnetic signals have to be in sync! I don’t see where you get off on telling me that the sync wouldn’t work.” Kimison was saying.“I just said that in order to get it to work you have to have a balance of energies that’s all!” Rayburn replied.Kimison gave Rayburn a heated look then turned and went to the console, “I have proof you damn idiot!” He shouted.“As if, you rigid ass!” Rayburn shouted back at him.They both started to advance on each other when several electrodes came out of the walls and knocked both men off their feet. Mary’s visage appeared a moment later, “I had thought that you two had worked well past these displays of anger.” Both Rayburn and Kimison’s bodies were involuntarily jerking from the voltage that she had used. “I had warned the both of you, this project is far too important for petty arguments!”Both men looked at Mary the moment they regained some control of their bodies. “Really Mary was that much voltage necessary?” Kimison slurred out his words.“Yeah! You’re going to fry what little is left of our brains!” Rayburn accused her. Hmmm she thought, very interesting, they both bonded when they have something in common to strike against. She’d have to remember that they may not have to have more shocks after all but she’d keep the voltage at the ready in case.“I am here for a report, have you made any progress toward solving the problem at hand?” Mary asked.Finally able to stand Kimison showed her the data that they had collected so far. “We believe that if everything is transferred it would cause a critical failure that will lead to death.” Rayburn was nodding in agreement. At least they were in agreement on this one thing, maybe Mary thought, this was the point that they needed to start from.“It appears that Tempro and I never took into account the sheer amount of information that we were trying to transfer. Well the amount as compared to the biological storage capacity. Yes I can see now that we were trying to over load the biological form.” Sighing Mary wasn’t sure if the living form would be as functional as the electronic. They would have to see perhaps it would be better without the total knowledge.“You have to remember Mary,” Rayburn interjected, “the emperor has had years of storing knowledge, increasing the areas of storage. He has also had years to find ways to store more knowledge, Kimison and I have barely touched on what he has. You said he took the libraries of three ships? Kimison took one and it almost killed him. I took the same and a little of yours, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it out. THAT is a testament to the mind of the emperor.”“I think if we had more time to let our minds adjust, we too could accomplish the same. I’m afraid it would take far too long to achieve what he did. There simply isn’t enough time to accomplish it now. We do have the knowledge though to carry this on,” Kimison looked at Rayburn then they both nodded. “Yes we can do this, when you need it done though, I am not sure, all we can do is press on.”Mary breathed a sigh of relief finally it sounded like they were working on the same level. Still knowing both of them like she did it might be a good idea to keep the safe guards in place.On the second Taiolan secure world the leader had kept his temper in check, as of yet the captain of the Betrayal had proven that he was a valuable asset. So far the leader had only landed a glancing blow on the man, smiling the leader was about to see if the man truly was worthy.“Report all that you saw,” The leader snapped at the man again.The Captain went into detail even more as he told the leader all he’d seen. The leader started to strike at the man with increasingly faster and deadlier blows. Finally finished, the leader threw the one strike at the man he knew the Captain couldn’t avoid. Moving far faster than he thought he could, the Captain felt the searing heat of the blow as it moved past his face and head then down his back. Shit! The Captain thought he’d had it for a moment then lost the direction. The leader smiled as the Captain fell to the floor, so the shit had kept in practice good he should survive, should, we’ll see he thought.“Wheel the new commander of our fleet to the healing machines; that is if he survives, if not we’ll see.” The leader spit at the new first years that were working clean up in the control room. The Leader was a little worried the emperor now had control of all the information that pompous ass had kept hidden. He knew the emperor wouldn’t use it like the president had but who knew he might in other ways. Smashing his fist into the wall to quell his anger, the leader ignored the crack that appeared it the rock face behind him as he turned.“Second!” The leader yelled, then watched as the man appeared a moment later. “I want our best female spy, I want to infiltrate the emperor’s inner circle. Failing that take and re-program a close female to him. I don’t care what it takes I want someone on the inside! I want them there as soon as possible!”“Yes leader I am on it now.” Running off the second smiled this ought to be good they hadn’t used her in a long time. She should be quite eager to do a mission for the sect, especially the leader.Derrick appeared in the throne room amid a few gasps from those posted that hadn’t seen the IMT in action yet. Derrick sighed he was going to have to get all those who were going to be in the palace informed. Looking around he knew that Hartwell was back onboard his ship at the moment, strange Derrick thought I haven’t seen either Kimison or Rayburn in almost a week. “Mary?” Derrick asked.Appearing in a moment Mary thought she could detect a question in the emperor’s voice. “Yes Sire?”“I haven’t seen Kimison nor Rayburn all week, please inform them that I have need of them for a few hours.” Derrick told Mary.“Yes Sire immediately.” Mary answered.Kimison and Rayburn had finally configured the download device to a lower voltage during transfer. Mary appeared a small look of worry on her face. “The emperor wishes to see both of you for a few hours, though I am unsure of what exactly he needs.”Kimison and Rayburn looked at each other a moment trying to figure just what their old commander might want. “Tell him we’ll be there in a few minutes, say we are finishing up some equipment that will be of great use later.”Mary nodded she’d have never come up with a half truth answer. “Alright, he said he needs you both as quickly as possible, something to do with the store house of information.”Derrick had been pacing, he had to know if it was true or not, A few minutes later Kimison and Rayburn walked in.Derrick looked at the two of them a little suspicious a moment, they were together and they weren’t fighting? “Alright what in the hell is going on?” Both of the men could only stare at Derrick, “you two never work together and don’t fight unless I am there, so spill.”Kimison and Rayburn both looked at Derrick a little embarrassed, “kind of hard to fight when someone shocks your ass,” Rayburn interjected Kimison was shaking his head agreeing.“Yeah, then the second time she ups the voltage nearly scrambled my damn brains!” Kimison spit out.Derrick was doing his best not to laugh though now that he thought about it he too had felt the sting of Mary’s electrobe shocks. Finally unable to hold back Derrick fell to the floor as he burst out laughing. “I’m sorry you two, I have felt her shocks too. I warned you both all those years ago that your fighting was going to be the death of both of you.” Derrick told them between gasping for breath and laughing after seeing the looks of indignation on both of their faces.“Really Sire,” Rayburn told Derrick as he started to smile, “it isn’t funny!”“Yeah hey! You can stop now!” Kimison told him half heartedly as he too started to smile. This of course caused Derrick to laugh even harder as the both of them tried their best to squelch the desire to laugh with him.“Ah god! I needed that so much you two! I haven’t had much to laugh about in a long time.” Derrick finally told them after all three of them had regained their composure. “I called you both because I have come by some information that I can’t quite believe. I need the both of you to confirm the validity of the transmission with Mary. I need to know if it is true or not so I can launch a few feelers myself.”Kimison and Rayburn looked at each other,色偷偷人人澡久久超碰97下载 they both remembered their commander’s “feelers” from the war. One thing could be said though, they always got the job done if not a lot messy.“Uh sure Sire but what’s that got to do with the both of us?” Rayburn said as he and Kimison looked at each other again. “After all we’re just your tech guys though,” here they both smiled widely. “We are better than most.”Derrick was also smiling widely there was no denying that fact, “No this has to do with a certain half brother of yours Kimison.” Derrick stated his face dropping all pretense of a smile.“My half-brother? I thought that ass hole was dead, considering he tried to kill me and you several times.” Kimison said as he looked at Rayburn.“Yeah for a long time it as about the only thing we had in common, a real hate of that son of a bitch!” Rayburn spit out like a poisonous venom.Derrick was nodding his head he remembered the animosity that had existed between the brother and Rayburn at the start of the war. Kimison’s brother had tried to kill or injure both of them on numerous occasions. It had finally taken Derrick stepping in and having the man arrested for attempted murder. As Derrick remembered the brother had been sent to be rehabilitated, they’d lost all contact after that.Sighing Derrick wasn’t exactly sure how he’d take the news, “according to information we’ve received he is believed to be in control of the sect that is out to kill me.”“Ha! Yup sounds about like something the ass would be tied to do. Never did trust him always plotting and planning ways to get one up on me. After mom died the rift between us grew exponentially ‘til I didn’t even know him anymore. I think he blamed me for her death, funny but I always blamed him.” Kimison said as sarcastically as he could. “I had actually hoped that he was dead after all this time, figures he’s still alive and behind a lot of this. If I remember right he tried to get you once didn’t he Sire?”Derrick nodded he remembered it like it was yesterday they had been on maneuvers near the end of their third year. They had just secured a vital position when they had heard a call for an air strike on their position. They all would have nearly been killed had it not been for Derrick moving them early. He’d felt something was off and had then pulled back, after radioing in they pulled back over 1000 yards. Not even 10 minutes later their previous position was pounded flat.“So no word from him? Nothing of him boasting like he had when he escaped the last time?” Derrick asked.“No sir not a single word except, the place they put him sent me papers that said he was no longer there and no further information was offered. That was the main reason I thought that the ass was dead.” Kimison told Derrick.Sighing Derrick nodded and picked up a few sheets of paper handing them to Kimison and Rayburn. At first they scanned the sheets then both started to growl. “You absolutely sure these are right?” Rayburn asked suddenly. “I really don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the damn time for this piss ant!”“All reports we’ve received indicate he just took over leadership of the Taiolan a short time before they attacked abrir oculta.” Derrick replied. “He obviously remembered about me and what’s left of my family. I guess he thought he’d get all three of us through me.”Kimison finally spoke up a seething anger behind his words, “Personally as I said I was hoping the son of a bitch was dead.” Looking up at Derrick Kimison’s face twisted into a mask of rage. “I think we should do everything possible to make that a reality!”“I’m working on that now as soon as I know it’s...” A beeping at his wrist alerted Derrick to an incoming call. “Yes Shelby?”“Just letting you know it’s almost time. The new configuration of power feeds has done wonders to the re-gen cycles.” Shelby advised Derrick.“Alright Shelby I’ll be right there.” Turning back to Kimison and Rayburn Derrick stated, “I just thought I’d let you know at present you two are almost as hard to actually find as I am. Alright Shelby” With that Derrick was gone leaving both men to stare at each other. Both smiled yes they were hard to find, especially with Mary running interference.Derrick moved to the command chair as soon as he was on board. “Alright Shelby let’s hear.”“0667? I have the emperor here, he wishes to welcome you. Plus he has a few questions. Sire?” Shelby said at his prompting.“Hello 0667, I am Derrick O’Toma.” Derrick started.“It is a great honor Sire.” The male voice replied.“As I told all EIG’s I require all of you to go by the name that was given you. That being said please state yours.” Derrick instructed the voice.“Yes Sire for a very short time I was addressed as Marco. Not really sure why but that is what the crew called me.” Marco told Derrick.“Ah good! Then Marco you shall be, you will be a fine addition to the growing fleet.” Derrick advised Marco.“Thank you Sire I will do my best!” Marco replied.“I have moved 0125 to bay 1 and have transferred 0403 into bay 2. Thank you Derrick,” Shelby appeared a moment later. “It has been so long since I had this many of my children nearby.” Shelby wanted so desperately to hold Derrick close and thank him. Touching her lips she remembered the tender kiss that they had shared. She’d give almost anything to feel it again.Derrick could only stare at Shelby as she was gently touching her lips. Interesting Derrick thought had freeing up that much of the programs been a bad thing? This was the first time she hadn’t heard his question to her. “Shelby? Has the others being in close proximity to you caused their re-gen cycles to start at a low level?” Derrick asked again.This time Shelby heard Derrick and looked at all the brain boxes that had been and were still on board. Surprised she told Derrick, “Yes Derrick it appears that with all the upgrades we have made, their re-gens were already in progress when I move them to the bays. I have seen data to support the faster re-gen but nothing of this ‘til now.”“I was hoping for something like this when I had you initiate that last upgrade.” Derrick informed Shelby. “I am sorry I didn’t inform you sooner but I didn’t want you to be disappointed if it hadn’t worked.”Smiling her sweetest smile Shelby moved to in front of Derrick, “Oh Derrick you could never be disappointing to me, ever.” This last spoken in a whisper. “I also feel that 0125 will emerge in 2 - 3 days, I will call you as soon as possible.”“Thank you Shelby, for putting up with me all this time and all of my ... problems.” Derrick told her, a faraway look in his eyes.“For you Derrick always and they weren’t really any trouble,” Shelby replied almost the same look in her eyes.Kimison was pacing the deck on board Tempro, he was seething, that the son of a bitch was still alive. Tempro and Mary were both somewhat worried, with Kimison like this there was a possibility that he wouldn’t be able to continue the project. Rayburn too seemed to be distracted as well, Mary sighed with them like this they wouldn’t be nearly as effective as they had been.“Mary I have to know if he is alive, is there any way you can confirm or reject the data?” Kimison blurted out.Mary had been expecting this for a while now and had prepared all she had for him. “Based on all the data we have received there is a 73.998% that he is your half-brother. As of this moment we still have no confirmation of all the data. We also have not...”“Look Mary I really don’t give a crap about all the chances or probabilities! Is he or isn’t he that’s all I want to know!” Kimison snapped at Mary.“I cannot answer that at the present time corporal, I...” Mary started.“I have to know damn it! I am sorry but ‘til such time as I do I won’t be able to concentrate on the project. Besides with the information we have gathered, Tempro should be able to start running tests to determine where we need to go next.” Kimison told Mary hid arms crossed definitely across his chest.“Sorry Mary but I’m with him, if that jerk is alive and in control of that sect he is far more dangerous to us. We have to help confirm it is him,” snapping his fingers Rayburn pulled up several data streams. “Mary is this the analysis of the blood and tissue that were found in that capsule?”Appearing next to Rayburn Mary confirmed that it was. Kimison’s eyes lit up, “Mary take a blood and tissue sample from me.” Kimison laid upon the table as Rayburn explained. “Though they are only half brothers, they have quite a few of the same genetic markers from their mother. She had a disease known as chronic sodium absorption, as I recall it was nasty and left definite genetic markers.”A new light seemed to come into Mary’s eyes as she withdrew the samples needed and started her analysis of each. It was almost 2 hours later that Mary finally spoke up. “I have a detailed analysis of both yours and those found it the capsule. Both share almost half the exact same genetic markers that you spoke of. I am sorry to say it is a 95.375% probability that you both are related.”“I knew it! I knew it! That moron was always too tough to get killed or just die! Damn it! We have to inform the emperor about this.” Kimison told Mary.“I will when he returns, it seems he has taken this time to visit the higher ranking Nobles.” Mary informed them.Derrick was about to go back planet side when Hartwell called. “Sire we’ve received word from Baron Talbert, I think it would be best in your present...” As he appeared in front of Derrick, Hartwell shook his head he’d done it a few times now and still wasn’t used to it yet. “ ... location. Damn still not used to that.”Derrick smiled then nodded he’d used it more than anyone and HE still wasn’t used to it. “So did our friend the baron have much to say?“Oh yes, though not as interesting as what he didn’t say.” Hartwell told Derrick.Derrick nodded as Hartwell started the data disc. “I have been to the Duke’s residence and enjoyed a rich repast. The Duke is very confident that the new emperor will soon shower him great favor. He has boasted that he has connections that the emperor will want to connect with soon, this in turn has caused a new bravado from the Duke. I miss you my dear Hart and hope to see you soon be well and remember you are missed.” The Baron’s voice was replaced with a soft static.“So the son of a bitch is behind it!” Derrick growled. They had set up certain phrases to keep the Baron safe. Basically the Baron had been treated like crap, like he was far beneath the Duke, it seemed the Duke was expecting the emperor to be dead soon. It also appeared that the Duke was boasting about it in open chambers knowing that the lesser Nobles would say nothing in fear the Duke took action against them.“What do you want to do about it? You know the word of a minor Noble won’t hold up anywhere, not against a full on Duke. I know you have a growing force Sire, but even with them he still has an edge. You are going to need every ship you have to topple this one.” Hartwell was telling Derrick.“I know, you know I think we need to start that tour of the Nobles estates and territories. Mary we’re going to go around to the different Nobles territories, I am taking a detachment of those in the palace.” A moment later all those in the throne room started to appear around the bridge. “Good, thank you Mary, I’ll keep a com open at all times to you.” Derrick told Mary before he started to direct all the men to the hall ways and several of the rooms there.“It has been a very long time since I have had this many people on board. It feels strange but wonderful at the same time.” Shelby told him after she’d appeared and had started to also direct all of the men to the rooms.“I was hoping you weren’t offended Shelby I’m glad you weren’t. Contact Ace, Conner, and Celeste we are all going, it isn’t the force I want to have with me but I need Zan and Sherry to watch their brother while he finishes re-gen.” Derrick said as he issued orders.Shelby smiled and contacted all three ships a moment later a hologram of Thomas appeared. “We going to scare the crap out of those dandies?” He chuckled.“No not yet,” chuckled Derrick. “Though I do want them to know I’m not playing any more. Four ships I think just might make that pompous ass reconsider trying anything though.”“Anytime you’re ready, I’ve got Conner all set to go, don’t even have to aim!” Derrick started to laugh harder Thomas was fierce enough to look at but with a ship? He was down right scary as hell! Good thing he was on their side!

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