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through the foyeryyyy在线在片

Nick’s bed was much more comfortable than the one Stacy lay down in every night. Stacy reminded herself to ask Nick what kind of mattress he had. It was Friday night and Nick’s parents were out on a dinner and movie date and Stacy found herself flat on her back, watching as Nick’s cock pistoned in and out of her vagina.Her pussy ached for her boyfriend’s cock the entire week and she couldn’t help but fantasize about the next time they would have sex during another boring school week. She never thought she would love sex as much as she did but she had to say she was hooked. In fact, she felt more exhilarated than she had at any other point of her life.A few months ago, she would’ve balked at the prospect of a man having this much meaning in her life. Now, she finally knew what it meant to be connected and in love with someone. She’d made Nick wait to have sex with her for a while after he rushed her into their first act of sex only a few days after they met. While she didn’t really want to wait, she did so out of principle; to make sure he knew that she could be in control when she wanted to be.Right now, Nick was in control, as he slammed his cock harder and faster in her tight hole. Stacy loved the way he easily slid in and out of her; his thrusting was not too hard like the other boys she dated previously.Nick bent down to kiss her lips as he continued his thrusts. Stacy’s lips met his own as they enjoyed the taste of each other’s tongues. She noticed the subtle shift from Nick the animalistic sex partner focused on getting off to Nick the romantic lover who was more concerned with her pleasure and showing his love for her than he was at achieving personal satisfaction.Stacy didn’t mind the lack of control she experienced now. In fact, she felt pride over being able to put her own controlling nature to the side to enjoy an equal, loving partnership with a man. Stacy’s mind was now focused on the task at hand. She wondered how long Nick could keep going. They’d been fucking for about 20 minutes and he’d never lasted more than 15 minutes or so during the other times they’d had sex. It was usually less than that, even. But that was fine with Stacy; she didn’t think of a sore vagina as the best way to go through life after all.She wasn’t close to getting off herself, but she enjoyed the sensations of her lover’s cock effortlessly gliding back and forth inside of her. She contracted her vaginal muscles around Nick’s cock, causing him to moan and grit his teeth tightly.“If you keep that up, I’m gonna cum,” Nick said.“Isn’t that the point?”Nick half laughed and half winced. “Yeah but it feels so good that I don’t want it to end yet.”“Maybe I want you to cum.”Nick picked up the pace of his thrusting and reached his thumb down to her clit to help bring her off. Stacy moaned in appreciation. She’d likely need him to go down on her after he was done if she wanted to cum tonight. If he came in her, she figured there was no way he would give her oral pleasure.Nick’s cock swelled to an even more impressive size inside of her. She prepared herself to feel Nick’s warm sticky cum shoot out of his penis, but apparently he’d managed to hold off.Shocking her, Nick pulled out and tugged on his uncircumcised penis before kissing Stacy’s lips again. He moved his lips down past her cheek and to her neck, where he nibbled on the very erogenous portion of the right side of her neck. She felt her inner thighs spasm and a tingle of pleasure in her clit. If Nick focused any more attention there, she might get off before he did.Nick moved on from her neck and started kissing down her chest and paid special attention to her breasts, spending ample time sucking and caressing both of them, flicking his tongue across both nipples. Stacy couldn’t help but moan in delight.“Yes, keep doing that,” she begged.Instead, her lover’s tongue made its’ way down her breasts and to her navel. His hands joined his tongue in roaming over her taut stomach. Stacy thought getting her navel pierced might add to their fun during foreplay but hadn’t yet gotten around to it. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Nick’s tongue made its way to Stacy’s clitoris and went to work. Nick added a couple of fingers to her wet pussy to guide her to orgasm. Stacy moaned as her boyfriend pleasured her. She felt the same tingle she felt when Nick gently bit into her neck arise from her toes and spread up her legs. Her pussy suddenly felt like it was on fire. The tingles continued rising through her torso, up her back, through her arms, and all the way to the top of her forehead. She couldn’t help but grip the sheets and let out a long moan as her orgasm flowed through her.Nick covered her mouth with his kiss as she moaned in delight. With the same motion, he penetrated her again and rapidly began thrusting inside of her. If it was even possible, Stacy felt a second orgasm rising through her body.“I’m so close,” Nick whispered.“Me too. I’m gonna cum again,” Stacy panted.She looked into Nick’s eyes and saw they had a far away, glassed over look. She knew it would only be a matter of seconds before he came. She flexed her vaginal muscles like she had done earlier when Nick was close to cumming and found that to do the trick for the both of them.“Fuck, I’m cumming. Oh yessss,” Stacy moaned. She felt Nick’s cock swell again and knew he wouldn’t be far behind.“Uggggh fuck, I’m gonna shoot.”Nick grunted as his semen jetted from his penis, painting her insides white. She noticed him visibly shudder as his orgasm hit. Exhausted, Nick pulled out and rolled over onto his back, trying to catch his breath.“Wow, that felt good,” he said after a few minutes.“Yeah, it was pretty amazing,” Stacy admitted.Each time they had sex, it got better and better for her. She felt more and more in love with him each time they were together. She never wanted this feeling to end.**Tiffany toyed with her cell phone, hoping for a text to flash across the top of her screen saying that one of her friends was free for the evening for something to do. She knew Stacy would be at Nick’s tonight, likely fucking his brains out. The very thought of it disgusted her.Mari was busy prepping her house for the party that she would be throwing tomorrow night and Mary Kaye was visiting her sick grandmother in Arizona for the weekend. She’d made some contingency plans with some other girls from school that she didn’t know too well but needed to acquaint herself with really fast if her plans were to be a success.Thanks to her Aunt Sheila’s therapy sessions with Nick, she knew that he’d mentioned anal sex as a possible bedroom adventure he’d never gotten to try but was tempted to perform with Stacy. In Tiffany’s own life, she’s had partners that were obsessed with anal sex. She’d grown to like it as part of her own sex life every once in a while. Hearing about Nick’s sex addiction made her hopes of convincing him to cheat on Stacy far more reassuring than she had originally hoped. She’d lined up a few of the hottest girls in school and invited them to the party. She’d also roped them into sending her nude pics that she would then forward on to Nick in hopes of getting him extra excited for tomorrow’s party. That part had been tricky, so she was sure to ask for the numbers from other sources and send dick pics she’d accumulated over the years in exchange for the girls’ nudes.Just when she thought she’d have to find something more productive to do for the remainder of the evening, a text alert flashed across the screen of Tiffany’s iPhone. She saw the text was from one of the girls’ numbers she’d managed to get.Tiffany clicked the message and was initially shocked at what she saw. An image of a girl with a plaid skirt lifted high around her waist with her ass in the air, only covered by skimpy panties filled her screen. Another image flashed just below it. Tiffany clicked this picture and saw a sight that she was sure would tempt Nick to act tomorrow night. The girl’s soft tan ass was completely uncovered this time, with her puckered asshole on display.“Perfect,” Tiffany said to herself. “Let’s get Nick’s dirty mind focused on someone else’s tail.”**Nick got up off of the bed and put on his underwear. He usually wore boxers but noticed Stacy gazed at him more lustfully when he was wearing boxer briefs, so he’d made more of an effort to wear them when he knew he would be intimate with her.“You look so sexy just lying there like that,” Nick said to his girlfriend.“I’m going to get some water. Do you want anything?”Stacy stretched her arms high above her head before sitting up on the bed. “No thanks, babe. I’m gonna go clean up first, in case there’s a round 2.”“Oh I’m sure there will be.”Nick walked out of the room and downstairs in search of his water. Nick had his phone with him and noticed a text come in from an unknown number. Nick never took calls from strange numbers but figured since it was a text that looking at it wouldn’t hurt. It wasn’t like he had to answer back.He nearly jumped when he saw the text. It was of a girl’s bare ass. Her asshole and pussy lips were clearly visible. Even though he’d just had sex less than ten minutes ago, Nick felt his dick grow in his underwear. Why would a strange girl send him a naked picture?Nick thought to text the girl back, even if to say she had the wrong person. After all, if Stacy saw this message on his phone, she would be pissed. Maybe it would be reason enough for her to break up with him. He certainly didn’t want that, not after the hot sex they’d just had and how his love had only increased the more time they spent together.Nick allowed himself one more second to admire the girl’s lady parts, before telling the girl to leave him alone.Nick: Who is this? I think u have the wrong number.Nick then deleted the photo. He went to the cabinet, pulled out a glass and went to the pitcher in the refrigerator for a glass of cool, pure water. After taking a refreshing sip, Nick noticed his phone buzz again. He grabbed it and was astonished to see yet another naked photo. This time, the girl had a finger probing her asshole. She had written text underneath the photograph.This can be all yours tomorrow night.Tomorrow night? What was going on tomorrow night?That’s when Nick remembered Stacy had told him about a party that Mari was having tomorrow night. Now that he had some random girl texting him, he wanted to march right up to his bedroom and convince Stacy to go to a movie or something instead of going to the party. That way he wouldn’t be tempted.His phone buzzed again.Don’t you dare think about not coming tomorrow. I’ll tell Stacy what you did.Tiffany. It couldn’t have been anyone else. Even though Nick had only had sex with her once, he knew that wasn’t her ass in the photograph. Clearly she was up to something. He suddenly felt the urge for more sexual release fill the pit of his stomach. His cock was rock hard in his boxer briefs and he noticed his breathing ramp up to near hyperventilation. He felt a hand touch his butt that caused him to nearly jump out of his skin.“Holy shit!”Stacy emerged behind him, cackling with glee in seeing Nick’s reaction.“Wow, I got you pretty good,” she said.“Babe, don’t scare me like that.”Nick noticed Stacy glance down to the front of his underwear.“It looks like you’re ready for round 2 sooner than I thought. How about you take me from behind on the kitchen counter?”“I don’t know. My mom would be pissed if she caught us.”“C’mon, Mr. Worrywart. Your mom won’t be home for a while. Don’t you wanna fuck me again?”Nick didn’t need to think too hard about that one. In one motion, he picked Stacy up and placed her on top of the kitchen counter. He ripped his underwear off and plunged his rock hard shaft inside of her. The photos of the girl had sent his hormones into overdrive. He was going to pound Stacy harder than he ever had before. It really was a good thing his parents weren’t home because he was giving it to her good. There would be no kissing or pussy licking this time around. He was going to use Stacy just like he had used Lizzy, the hooker, and Tiffany; as holes to masturbate himself into. Nick noticed the look of shock on Stacy’s face at how forceful he was but he didn’t care. The animalistic nature inside of him was back and it felt good. He grabbed her right breast and squeezed so hard that he thought he heard a squeal from Stacy. He used the other hand to steady himself against the kitchen counter so he didn’t slip out and hit his dick against the hard marble. Nick thought back to the girl’s ass in the photo and how seductive her asshole looked in that position. He really wanted to have anal sex with Stacy but didn’t think she would go for it. If he didn’t convince her sooner or later, he was going to have to get it from some other girl and he really didn’t want to do that.All of the constant thrusting was taking its’ toll on Nick’s body and he felt his balls tighten. Without warning Stacy, he plunged as deep as he could inside of her and held himself as he fired his hot creamy load in her vagina, savoring every throb his cock made as he ejaculated. Stacy’s mouth was wide open, like she had just been fucked by a mad man. Perhaps, Nick thought to himself, that was what he was.**Lizzy Watkins was out for her usual Saturday morning run. She glanced at her stop watch and saw she was only 20 seconds off of her usual 8 minute mile pace. It certainly wasn’t the best she could do but she was doing a lot more thinking than she usually did while she was running.The entire week, she’d felt like she was someone’s plaything again, much like when she was dating Mitch for 3 years. Part of her enjoyed being in a relationship but she broke up with Mitch for a reason. She wanted to be free.After going to homecoming with Danny and spending more time with him this past week, she felt their relationship was at a point of no return. Either she would begin dating him, or she would need to convince him to move on. What she had told Mitch at the movie theatre last weekend had been the truth. She intended to remain single, meaning she would turn down any advances Danny made in terms of becoming an exclusive couple.Sure, Danny had a big dick and the sex they had drove her wild, but there were many guys she could have sex with if she remained single. She wouldn’t be able to do that if she dated Danny. She figured he would man up and ask her out at some point but luckily for her, he hadn’t done so yet. Here she thought he was this suave masculine man when it came to anything to do with women, but he had yet to make his move.Lizzy picked up the pace a little bit and checked her watch again. She was now 25 seconds off of her pace. Damnit. She would have to put these thoughts aside and break into an all out sprint for the last ¾ of a mile if she wanted any hope of equaling her pace.She felt her phone ring and felt further annoyed. She wanted to keep going but this was the second time during her run that she felt a phone call come through. She decided to slow her pace and answer the phone call while running a slow jog.“Hello?”“Hey, Lizzy. It’s Danny.”She rolled her eyes and hoped her annoyance couldn’t be heard in her tone.“Hey, can I call you back? I’m out for a run right now.”“I promise it’ll only take a minute.”“Ok, what’s up?”“Well, there’s this party tonight and I was wondering if you were interested in going with me. It’s another one of Mari Rosales’ parties. It’ll be lots of fun, just like old times.”Lizzy remembered the “old times” that Danny was speaking of. The last time she went to one of those parties, she’d had sex with Danny and Nick. It was the first threesome she’d ever had. Part of her was intrigued by the idea of another threesome but she knew it wouldn’t happen since Nick had a girlfriend and he seemed pretty serious about her.This was also the perfect opportunity to avoid leading Danny on and put a distance between the two of them. She enjoyed their time together but knew she didn’t want a long-term relationship.“I might have to take a rain check on that. I’ve got a date tonight,” she said.“A date?” She thought she’d heard his voice crack.“Yeah, it’s nothing serious, just a friend that I haven’t seen in a while. I’ll call you if I’m able to go last minute, though, ok?”“Ok. Bye Lizzy.”The dial tone indicated he had hung up. Lizzy took a deep breath and kept running. She was settling for what she wanted, even if that hurt other people’s feelings. It was time she stood up for what she wanted.**Danny hung up the phone and buried his head in his hands. He felt like crying but knew he couldn’t. It wouldn’t be a manly thing to do. His father always reminded him there was no crying in life, especially when he was younger.He remembered playing Little League baseball and getting drilled right in the elbow by a fastball when he was in 5th grade. He screamed so loud that parents in the stands covered the ears of their small children so they couldn’t hear his screams. Danny’s elbow was completely fractured. His father had shown no sympathy, instead telling him to shake it off and take his base. Now that he was back home in his basement, regretting every minute of returning home after the zoo incident in the dining room a week prior, he focused his attention on the weight stack against the wall.He should’ve known that Lizzy didn’t want anything to do with him. He knew what she was like, that all she wanted was sex. If she’d wanted a relationship, she would’ve stayed with Mitch. He was struck by Cupid’s arrow but his love would be unrequited. He didn’t feel like going to the party tonight.He immediately realized how foolish his thoughts were. He had one of the best physiques in school and probably the biggest dick too. He knew any girl would love to have sex with him that night. Maybe if he tried hard enough, he would eventually find love.He went to the bench and loaded 3 plates of 45 on each side of the bar. The weight of 270 pounds wasn’t near his one-rep max, but he could easily crank out 10 reps at that weight. He should’ve called Nick over so he could have a spotter, but he would have to do without this time.He raised the weight and enjoyed the burn he felt in his biceps and pectorals as he held the weight above his chest. He lowered the weight and raised it again, still in control. Many thoughts raced through his mind as he counted more reps; the hatred he felt for his parents, the love he knew he would never find with Lizzy, all of it was fuel for pushing his workout further.Danny lowered the bar into the rest position and got up from the bench, exhausted. Just a few weeks ago, he was giving Nick a pep talk on not being nervous and having fun at a party full of strangers. Now, Danny felt like he was in Nick’s shoes and needed help himself.He dialed his friend and hoped they could hang out before going to the party together. Alas, Nick didn’t answer the phone. Danny was happy that his best friend was finally in a relationship and seemed happy. At the same time, he also felt jealous. He needed to snap out of it before he destroyed himself. Nothing a few more reps on the bench press couldn’t fix.**Nick tucked his dark blue button up shirt into his jeans and checked himself over in the mirror as he prepared for Mari’s party. He remembered how nervous he felt heading to her party just a few weeks ago. Despite drinking a few beers and sharing a joint with Danny before that party, Nick felt very nervous. He had no idea that the outcome of the nervousness would ultimately result in him losing his virginity.He had no reason to be as nervous tonight. He was going to the party with his girlfriend and his best friend and he could afford to let loose and enjoy the night. His mind drifted back to the scandalous pictures sent to him last night, most likely by Tiffany. He remembered the words: This can be all yours tomorrow night and swallowed hard. He hoped he could pull himself together and not give in to temptation.Satisfied he looked presentable in his dress shirt and dark jeans, Nick left his bathroom and walked downstairs where Danny and Stacy were chatting in the living room with Nick’s step-dad Robert and mother Roberta while watching the television.“Wow, Nick, you look really nice,” his mother said upon seeing her son enter the room.“You’re gonna be a real lady killer, Nick,” Robert cracked from the recliner. He winked at Stacy to show he was being sarcastic.“Easy, Robert. Stacy’s the only girl for me,” Nick said.“Aw, how cute,” Danny said. “Are you lovebirds going to gloat over each other all night or are we going to get out of here?”“Easy,” Stacy said. “I appreciate the flattery.”“If you kids are going to be out late, I don’t want Stacy to have to go all the way back home,” Roberta said. “Stacy, you’re more than welcome to stay the night. I just washed Nick’s sheets so you can sleep in his bed. Nick, you’re on the couch.”Robert looked at his wife as if she was forgetting someone. Roberta scanned the room and realized she hadn’t invited Danny to stay if he needed to.“Danny, you’re always welcome here too. I guess you can take the couch and Nick can sleep on the floor.”“That’s alright, Mrs. Jameson. I’ll probably be fine to walk home anyway. It’s not too far.”“Very well,” Roberta said. “Off you go. Have fun.”“Bye, mom.”Nick walked out of the house with Stacy and Danny in tow. He felt sorry for Danny that Lizzy didn’t want to go to the party with him, especially since he knew how Danny felt about her. He just hoped he would meet another girl at the party.“I think this is going to be really fun,” Stacy said. “Mari always throws great parties.”“Yeah, I hope so,” Nick said. “How are you feeling, Danny?”Danny shrugged and remained silent as they rounded the corner of Mari’s street. He didn’t seem like himself. It was almost as if he and Nick had traded places. It was Nick who was feeling upbeat and confident, whereas tough and cocky Danny was feeling down.Nick grabbed Stacy’s hand as they got closer to Mari’s house. Stacy looked very classy tonight in her tight black dress that cut off just above the knees. Nick was surprised she didn’t show off more cleavage. Rather than show his disappointment, he continued to reassure her that she looked great. The group finally arrived at Mari’s front door only to be greeted by the sound of loud gangster rap behind the closed entryway. Stacy reached for the doorbell while Nick and Danny stood behind her. Almost a minute passed and no one had come to the door. Danny moved past Stacy and pounded loudly on the door in hopes of drawing someone’s attention. The door jerked open with a flash and out came Mari. Nick had to admit she looked stunning in a white cocktail dress. Her hair flowed past her shoulders and seemed to disappear just above her ass. Just imagining how Mari’s ass might look underneath the dress caused his pants to tighten.“Stace, you look great, girl,” Mari said as she welcomed them inside. “We have lots to drink. I got us two kegs and we have plenty of mixed drinks so we shouldn’t run out of anything.”Mari stopped to whisper something in Stacy’s ear before addressing the group again. “Nick, I think you’re thirsty.”Was she trying to get him to have a mixed drink that would impair his judgment? After seeing her flirt with him the at the homecoming dance, Nick thought he would just fill up from the keg himself. Mari wouldn’t bother to put something in everyone’s drink would she?Danny broke away from the group after noticing Trent in the side room playing beer pong. At least he could get drunk and have a good time in there. “What are you drinking tonight?” Nick asked his girlfriend.“I kind of want a mixed drink, something with rum in it. I love the sweet stuff. What do you want babe?”“I think I’ll stick with beer.”Stacy waited while Nick grabbed a cup and filled it with beer from the keg. He offered Stacy a drink, which she accepted. The scrunched up look on her face signaled that it wasn’t the best quality beer.“Yuck,” she said. “Keystone is the absolute worst.”Nick laughed and took a sip of the beer. It was admittedly terrible but it was beer after all. He couldn’t have expected Mari’s parents to chip in some money for a higher quality beer for an underage party.Stacy went to the kitchen where more red solo cups and ice were sitting on the island in the center of the room. She noticed some Bacardi rum and various forms of mixer surrounding the ice. She sloshed some Coke into her glass and swirled it around to mix in with the rum. “Aren’t you going to offer me a taste?” Nick asked.Stacy took a long gulp of her drink. “Ahh, that’s the stuff. Much better than the water you’re drinking.”“Very funny. Let’s go dance.”The living room was crowded with other partygoers. Nick noticed some of the grinding was borderline sex as some of the girls had their dresses lifted high above their asses showing themselves off. He thought he saw a boy with his jeans belt unbuckled and his underwear protruding from the front as if he was trying to fish his cock out for a quickie.Looking at the asses of the various girls had Nick’s dick harder than steel. He turned Stacy around so he could grind against her. It was difficult to really settle into a rhythm with her since he could only place one hand on her hips while his drink occupied his other hand.The song shifted to a slower jam, allowing Nick to gently rock Stacy back and forth. It quickly became apparent that many of the other dancers didn’t care for the song “Slow Love” by Doc Box but Nick didn’t mind it. More and more couples separated while Nick felt lost in his own world with his hands guiding Stacy’s hips. He thought for a moment how his life would have turned out differently had he not shown up to Mari’s party weeks ago and met Stacy. At this point, he couldn’t imagine life without her. He felt his love for Stacy in the very depths of his heart and soul. Stacy turned back to face Nick and kissed him. Nick’s heart pounded at the gesture and he continued the kiss, not caring who else was around to see. The kiss was quickly broken when Tiffany stormed in to talk to Stacy.“Oh my god, Stace, I have to tell you something,” Tiffany said.Stacy looked alarmed as she was pulled away from Nick by her friend. “What is it Tiff? Is everything ok?”Before Nick could cut in and hear what Tiffany had to say, Mari tapped him on the shoulder.“What is it,色偷偷人人澡久久超碰97下载 Mari? I don’t have time to play games if you’re here to flirt with me,” Nick said.“Why would you think I’m flirting with you? Is this about the other night? C’mon, you need to relax and have some fun.”Nick could smell Tiffany and Mari’s dastardly plot from a mile away.“I don’t think so. Why don’t you and Tiffany explain what’s going on?”Nick looked over his shoulder to where Stacy and Tiffany were standing but noticed they weren’t there. Now, Nick was worried. Was something really wrong and Tiffany was just now breaking the news to Stacy?“Nick, I’m asking you to be my beer pong partner,” Mari said. “Danny and Trent are kicking ass and I need someone to play with who has game.”Nick contemplated Mari’s proposition. A simple game of beer pong never hurt anybody. And if he was playing his friends, he knew they wouldn’t try to screw with him. After one last glance for his girlfriend and coming up empty, Nick agreed to join Mari for a game.Nick and Mari walked from the living room, through the foyer, and into the sitting room where the beer pong table was set up. The crowd grew restless from waiting on Mari to return with a partner.“May I present to you, the man who is going to end your winning streak, Nick Jameson!”Danny raised his eyebrows as Nick stepped up to the table. “Nick’s the best you could do for a partner? I think Trent and I have got this in the bag.”Since Danny and Trent were the reigning champs, they started with possession of the ball. Trent’s first throw landed effortlessly in the head cup. That was the hardest cup for Nick to hit.Danny’s turn was next and he likewise sunk his first throw into one of the far cups. By making both shots, they got the balls back to go again.Mari placed both of her hands over her head.“Aye. I’m not sure I can do this.”Nick felt a surge of wisdom run through him and picked up on one of his step-father’s Buddhist sayings that he often repeated.“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others,” he said.Mari looked at him as if he was on crack.“What the hell was that? Let’s just wait for them to miss and take our turn.”Luckily enough, Danny and Trent both missed their next throws, leaving Nick to take the first turn for his team. His first throw clanked off the rim of the first cup and rolled back towards his end of the table. He lunged for the ball as it came back to his side before Danny or Trent could get to it. Based on the rules of their game, he could throw again. This time, he wasn’t aiming for one cup in particular but instead he was hoping to just come close to hitting anything. He performed his next throw behind his back and saw the ball grace the edge of one of the middle cups before bouncing up and over the rim and into the same cup.“Oh my god!” Mari screamed. “That was amazing.”“Nothing but a lucky ass shot,” Trent said. “I’d like to see you do that again.”Nick noticed a girl walk up to Danny and whisper in his ear. The girl was considerably shorter than him so he had to bend down to hear what she was saying. Danny began to walk away from the table and the girl stepped up to take his place.“Hey, no celebrities,” Mari said.“Danny is going to be indisposed for the moment,” the girl said. “I’m Maddie, I’ll be taking his place.”**Danny exited the beer pong room and worked his way past some partygoers and upstairs towards the room he had his threesome with Lizzy during the last party held here. From that night on, Danny was hooked on Lizzy and couldn’t get her out of his mind. His evening had mostly been filled with disappointment after hearing from Lizzy that she wouldn’t be joining the party because of a date she had with another guy that night.His thoughts turned to a more pleasant tone after hearing from Maddie that a blonde girl wanted to see him in the bedroom. Lizzy must have changed her mind about her date and decided she couldn’t resist Danny after all. Danny thought back to her soft kissable lips and how great they felt against him during each kiss. He thought of her breasts and how soft they felt in his hands. Her ass was surprisingly firm but jiggled in all of the right places when he had sex with her doggy style. The sex was absolutely amazing with Lizzy, too; it was probably the best sex he’d had with any girl. Danny reached for the doorknob and began to open the door. He opened it slowly so as not to draw unwanted attention to himself. He was prepared to gaze his eyes on the ravishing beauty that was Lizzy Watkins. Instead, his eyes met his requestor in shock. The blonde wasn’t Lizzy but it was Mitch’s new love interest, Lucy Hemingway.“Hello, Danny.”“What the hell? That girl said that someone was waiting for me in here.”“I’m someone. Who were you expecting?”Danny just shook his head and looked back to the cracked open door, thinking he would make a quick exit before Mitch caught him again with a girl he really cared about.He could see Lucy was determined to make that choice next to impossible as the normally meek girl took off her cardigan to reveal her B cup breasts. Danny felt the weight of his jaw drop and the rush of air fill his now open mouth. At this point, he was feeling pretty drunk after consuming several beers while playing beer pong with Trent. Part of him wanted to leave but the other part of him wished to stay. If Lizzy didn’t care to be with him that night, he’d have no problem hooking up with Lucy; she was more than hot enough.“I’m glad you like them,” Lucy said while observing Danny’s reaction. “Now tell me are you gonna let me get my hands on that cock?”Danny gulped and shut the door closed behind him. He felt the girl pulling him in as if she had magic powers. His drunken state and earlier sense of loneliness was calling him to her beauty.“What about Mitch?” Danny asked, surprised he was able to speak.“Oh Mitch isn’t around right now. I’ll have plenty of time to suck you off.”Instinct took over and now Danny was no longer the pursued and instead became the pursuer. He walked over to Lucy and took her in his arms while he made out with her. He thought he heard a gasp from her that sounded like a hiccup as he forced his lips on hers. He knew she really wasn’t as aggressive as she portrayed and that she was really a shy girl that was probably not too comfortable in this situation.He placed her petite hand on his rapidly hardening cock and felt her palm squeeze it through his pants. It was his turn to provide the dirty talk.“You like that dick?”Lucy only nodded. It was probably the biggest dick she’d ever felt in her life, maybe it was the only dick she’d felt. Mitch never spoke of them fooling around after the homecoming dance. Danny tried to touch Lucy’s bare breasts but had his hand swatted away. “Touch them again and I yell ‘rape’,” Lucy warned. “All I want is to suck your dick, nothing more.”Danny was surprised but not entirely disappointed. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his shorts and underwear, allowing his 9 inch cock to spring free.“Wow, that is huge.”Lucy got on her knees and took hold of Danny’s cock near the base and lightly began to stroke it. She then worked her other hand and pumped his cock faster. She spit on her hand to provide some lubrication.Even with both hands on his cock, there was still plenty of dick that wasn’t being stimulated. Danny wanted to change that. He pulled his cock from the loose grip of her hands and stuffed it inside of her mouth, causing her to gag.“That’s it, gag on it.”Danny let her throat adjust to the 6 or so inches of length she could handle before grabbing the back of her head and thrusting in her mouth. Lucy flicked her tongue across his head as she sucked him, causing Danny to moan.For being a girl that was likely very inexperienced, Lucy sure was able to suck dick pretty good. She wasn’t in the league of Michelle or Lizzy, but she wasn’t bad. Danny reached his hand down to touch Lucy’s exposed breasts, even though he had been warned not to. He got a feel of her nipple before she smacked his hand away again.Her anger translated to faster movement of her head bobbing up and down on Danny’s dick. Her throat had relaxed to the point where she was now able to take another inch down her throat. She was now rivaling Michelle and Lizzy’s blowjob abilities, neither of whom was able to take much more than 7 inches in their mouths.The warm mouth and movement of her tongue on the underside of his shaft sent Danny’s head spinning. He wouldn’t last too much longer. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Danny pulled his cock out of her mouth, jacked his penis, and started shooting his load on Lucy’s waiting tongue. Her pink organ was turning white with each shot of cum. Danny’s penis continued throbbing when suddenly the door to the bedroom burst open.Lucy pulled her discarded cardigan from the floor and covered up her breasts as Danny’s cum now shot on the floor instead of in her mouth. He didn’t even care that he was cumming in front of a stranger, his orgasm felt that good.“Seriously?” Danny finally finished cumming and turned around to face the intruder. It was only his luck that Mitch stood directly in front of him. He didn’t even bother covering up his cock as he prepared to give Mitch an explanation.**Mitch was in shock the moment he opened the bedroom door. He was expecting to find Lucy waiting for him alone for their first sexual encounter. She’d talked about fooling around much of the week during school and Mitch was actually looking forward to his first time with a girl other than Lizzy.Instead he saw Lucy scramble for her cardigan on the floor while a muscular guy stroked his penis, cum shooting on the floor. He knew right away that the guy was Danny. It was only confirmed when his friend later turned around and stammered for the words to explain what Mitch had just seen unfold.“Dude, I’m so sorr…”Mitch stopped Danny before he could begin.“No, man, don’t worry about it. Lucy and I aren’t dating. She means nothing to me. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.”“Mitch, wait,” Lucy said. “Surely you don’t mean that.”“Yeah, Lucy, I do. I’ve only known you for a while. I was pretty foolish to think about sleeping with you after this short period of time and here I find you sucking my friend’s dick.”Mitch looked down and saw just how large Danny’s penis was. Even after his orgasm, his dick wasn’t going soft very fast. He looked back up at his face, hoping to erase the images from his memory.“Dude, she just came onto me. I couldn’t help it, man,” Danny said.Mitch shook his head. Unlike a few weeks ago, he actually wasn’t mad at Danny at all. He was surprised by his sense of calm even after seeing cum drool down Lucy’s mouth.“You know what, guys,” Mitch said. “There are plenty of other girls down there waiting for me. I’m going to find one that’s right for me. Lucy, I hope it was worth it, because I’m moving on up.”**Nick sank his ball in the lone remaining cup belonging to Trent and Maddie. Mari whooped loudly next to him. Nick felt proud for helping the duo come back from an early 8 cups to 2 deficit to now be in position to beat Trent and Maddie. If Mari was able to sink her next shot, they would win. Otherwise, the pressure would be on Trent or Mari to knock out Nick and Mari’s remaining two cups for them to win.In addition to his pride, Nick began to feel slightly woozy from the drinks he’d been consuming while at the table. He started off with a couple of beers but couldn’t turn down a delicious looking Margarita when one of Mari’s friends brought it to him. The first concoction was so delicious, that he had a few more before insisting he was done drinking for a while. Nick was surprised at how relaxed he was considering all of his worries earlier in the evening. Mari hadn’t made a single move on him all night and he didn’t even mind that Maddie was flirting with him across the table. In fact, Nick felt like he was on top of the world. He felt like he could do anything he wanted that night. Nothing could get in his way. Mari took her turn and hit the edge of the cup with her ball. Trent’s look of excitement at still having a chance was replaced with a look of dread as the cup bounced to the right and into the cup, causing Mari to scream.“Yes!”“Goddamnit.”Nick went to high five Mari but was instead rewarded with a tight embrace as Mari tried jumping up and down with Nick’s body in celebration.“I can’t believe we took down the champs,” Mari said. “Sorry, baby, looks like we run this table now.”Trent looked genuinely angry that he had lost. He wasn’t letting his new girlfriend get off easy.“Yeah, whatever,” he fumed. “We would have won had Danny been here. He’s the best beer pong player there is.”“Well you can take your talents elsewhere,” Mari said. “’Cuz Nick and I are running this table now. Who are the next victims?”Maddie moved from her end of the table towards Nick and Mari. Nick swore she had an evil look in her eye that meant she was up to no good. “There’s no need to be bitter, Trent,” Maddie said as she glanced over her shoulder. “You can take Nick’s place. I need Nick to join me.”“Join you? Why am I joining you?” “You’ll see soon enough,” Maddie said.Mari stepped into intervene but Maddie gave her a stern look as she grabbed Nick’s hand and urged him to follow her. Nick thought he heard Mari scream something about second thoughts but he couldn’t comprehend all of the sensations he felt in that moment.Nick couldn’t help but stare at Maddie’s plump ass through her light jeans as he followed her up the stairs. She wore her blonde hair in a ponytail that cascaded down the back of her light brown t-shirt. She wasn’t exactly dressed in typical party attire but her natural beauty and the curves of her body certainly had Nick’s attention.He noticed another feeling begin to consume him; that feeling of yearning for sex, that he wouldn’t be able to think about anything else. It was the same feeling he thought he had conquered when he officially started dating Stacy.Oh shit! Stacy!In all of the fun and games of downstairs, Nick had completely forgotten about Stacy and her whereabouts. He tried to remember when and where he last saw her. They were dancing in the living room when Tiffany pulled Stacy aside and said she had something important to tell her. Then, she was gone. He hadn’t heard anything from her since.Nick thought he heard the door of a bedroom close and lock. He wasn’t sure where he was now; everything in front of him was hazy. His vision was nothing more than a blur until he saw Maddie step in front of him wearing only a bra and panties.“Wait a minute,” Nick said. “I’ve gotta get out of here. My girlfriend’s down there somewhere and I have to find her.”Nick tried to get up from the bed but Maddie pushed him back down before he could get too far.“Don’t worry about her. I’m going to give you something you’ve always wanted.”Nick began to protest again. He couldn’t spend another minute with this girl and risk damaging his relationship with Stacy. He loved her and didn’t want to hurt her in this way. Before he could speak up, Maddie turned around and slid her panties to the ground, exposing her fleshy ass cheeks. She spread them open, revealing her pink asshole. Nick felt his cock expand in his shorts and the sensation of his head popping out of his foreskin. He suddenly was only aware of the beautiful girl standing before him and of nothing else.“Go ahead, touch me,” she said.Nick grabbed her ass and squeezed it before placing his right index finger over her anal cavity. He was too dry to try and insert his finger inside of her but he knew he wanted to. Stacy was reluctant to have her ass probed by Nick each time he tried but here he had this girl begging for it. His transfixed mind was soon jolted as a gentle knock emerged from the other side of the door. He was busted for sure. “C’mon in, Sarah,” Maddie said. “I see you’ve brought Josie with you.”Nick stared at the two new girls that entered the room as Maddie closed the door behind her. Sarah was a thin Hispanic girl with auburn streaks through her jet black hair with really long legs. She wore a short red dress that looked just perfect against her curves. Nick thought back to the photos he received last night and might have found a match.Josie was very petite and had sandy blonde hair. She couldn’t have been much taller than 5 feet. She wore a purple dress and a large necklace dangled from her neck.“Already showing off your ass to this horny boy?” Josie asked.“Mhmmm. Judging by the way he was grabbing and probing it before you came in, I think he really likes it.”“Why are they all here?” Nick asked. Even though his urges to take things further with Maddie were still present, he felt himself starting to come back to his senses with the interruption from Sarah and Josie.“Oh, Nick,” Maddie started. “You really have no idea what’s going on here do you?”Nick tried to climb off of the bed to summon any strength he had left to walk out of that room and back into Stacy’s arms, forgetting any of this had ever happened. As he went to do so, he felt his vision blur again and his body go limp to the point that it was nearly lifeless. What the hell was in those margaritas he had earlier?“Holy shit, is he out of it?” Sarah asked.“Oh I think he’s still willing to play,” Maddie replied. “Take off those dresses ladies. We’re going to have some fun.”Nick watched as Sarah and Josie stripped off their dresses. His suspicion that Sarah wasn’t wearing a bra was confirmed as she stepped out of her dress in just a pair of white panties. Josie was more modest in a matching set of pink and white polka dot gray bra and panties.“You know what we need to do. Show off those asses!”Sarah was the first to strip from her bottoms. She shook her ass in Nick’s direction and he couldn’t prevent himself from staring. It wasn’t just his body that seemed stuck to the bed. What was left of his vision was transfixed on Sarah’s exposed ass. Josie seemed like the shy one of the group and looked hesitantly at Sarah and Maddie before she removed her panties. She then joined Maddie in taking off her bra.Having three naked girls in front of him sounded like a dream to most men but it still didn’t sit completely right with Nick. He knew there would be no turning back if he hooked up with these girls but he also was intrigued by the possibility of finally getting to have anal sex with a girl. And he likely had three of them to choose from in this case.“Let’s get these clothes off,” Josie said. Maybe she wasn’t as shy as he thought.Maddie and Josie helped Nick unbutton his dress shirt and roll it off of his shoulders. He wasn’t wearing an undershirt this time, so there was nothing covering his upper body. Sarah busied herself with his belt and jeans, finally sliding them off by the time his shirt was off. “Feel this big cock,” Maddie said. “It looks so hard that it hurts.”“Let’s take his underwear off then,” Josie suggested.Nick felt his breathing increase and his heart rate accelerate as the girls toyed with him. This was a whole new side of sex that he had never experienced, letting the girls take control of him. He found that he liked it.Maddie took his underwear down to expose his cock. The girls gasped as his hard uncut cock emerged.“It looks so delicious,” Sarah said. “Who wants to suck him first?”“I will!”Josie all too eagerly bent down and put the head of Nick’s penis in her mouth, gently sucking it. At her size, Nick wondered how she would be able to fit much of his cock in her mouth but she was surprisingly good at it.Sarah bent down next to Josie and placed her tongue against the middle of his shaft as she licked his penis. It was so hot watching the two girls suck him off that Nick thought he might orgasm right then. He would have to fight the urge off until he could be inside of them.While Josie and Sarah focused on his cock, Maddie climbed onto the bed and straddled Nick’s face. Her pussy was shaven and looked absolutely delicious. Nick reached out with his tongue to hit her clitoris, causing Maddie to moan in delight. The musky scent of her vagina caused him to drive his tongue as deep as he could in her tight slit. She probably had the best tasting vagina he’d ever sampled. The thought of Stacy came running back to him but he knew there was nothing he could do about it now. His desire to fuck was strong and he didn’t think he could get off of the bed even if he wanted to.He wasn’t sure how long he had been eating Maddie’s pussy or how long Sarah and Josie were tag-teaming on his dick but Maddie told the girls to hurry up so they could get on with what they came here to do. The possibility of being used was really starting to turn Nick on. After opening his eyes, he saw a new girl’s vagina above him and could tell by the color of the girl’s legs that it was Sarah who was ready for her pussy to be feasted on. The sensation of a warm wet orifice surrounding his cock was the next thing Nick felt. He looked down at his cock and saw that Maddie was busy riding him.“Wow, this feels so good,” Maddie said. “I bet you make your girlfriend really happy.”Nick was speechless. Maddie’s pussy felt amazing around his cock. At this point, even if he could leave the room, he wasn’t sure he wanted to. His gaze shifted to Maddie’s left where Josie was busy spreading some lubricant in her asshole. After she coated her asshole with the slick liquid, she placed some more on her fingers and placed them under Maddie’s ass to prepare her for anal as well.“Oh thank you, dear. His cock feels really good but I think it’s time for him to pop some anal cherries. What do you girls think?”Sarah and Josie both grunted and Sarah climbed off of Nick’s face. He was just starting to enjoy the taste of Sarah’s pussy so he was initially disappointed. Maddie pointed to the bed where Sarah and Josie both lay down on their stomachs with their fleshly asses in the air.“You should be able to move now. You’re going to fuck all three of us in the ass. Perhaps one of us has never been fucked there before.”Maddie grabbed Nick’s hand to help him to his feet. He felt wobbly at first but was able to stand on his own. Maddie took his place on the bed and lay on her stomach as well.“Who will be the lucky girl?”Nick gripped his still hard cock and placed some of the lube that Josie used earlier on his fingers. He was most attracted to Maddie, so he thought he would add more lube to her already moist asshole. He probed her ass first with his index finger and after a soft moan of appreciation, added a second finger. Confident she was stretched out enough to take his cock, Nick placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her brown door.He was amazed at how tight the entry of her ass was. He figured it would be tighter than a vagina but he wasn’t quite prepared at how tight it felt. Maddie must have done anal before as he felt her muscles relax to accommodate the first 2 or 3 inches of his 7 inch length.Nick slowly got into a rhythm that was pleasurable for him and reasonable for Maddie to take comfortably. He used his left hand to finger Josie’s pussy, since he felt bad that she received no attention from him as of yet. Sarah got off of her stomach and came up to kiss Nick. This was the life. He was fucking one girl in the ass, fingering another girl’s pussy and making out with a different girl. He felt his hips move faster and more of his shaft sink deeper into Maddie’s ass.“I’m loving this,” Nick said as he pulled away from Sarah’s lips. Sarah just smiled at him and Nick thought he heard Maddie laughing to herself.“Just wait until you take Josie’s anal cherry. Let’s give her a turn.”“I don’t know,” Josie said. “I might not be able to take that.”Before she could protest further, Nick had already lined up his cock with her tight hole, plunging as much of his head as he could inside of her ass.Josie screamed. She may have been loud enough to alert other people at the party.“Shh girl, take it nice and easy,” Maddie said. “Nick, you need to be gentle with her.”Nick was in no mood for gentle now. He was focused on only his pleasure at this point. The animal lust that he felt when he fucked Tiffany at the mall and the hooker after she made him use an industrial sized condom coursed through his veins. He was intent on enjoying each of the girl’s asses.Josie kept whimpering as he plunged more of his cock inside of her. She was even tighter than Maddie; so tight that Nick felt his skin would rip off of his cock as he thrust outward.“How does that feel, girl?” Maddie asked.“It hurts. Oh my god it fucking hurts!” Josie shouted.Her cries of pain only fueled Nick’s thrusting. He was now at the point where more than half of his cock was in her ass. Sarah licked her lips in anticipation of her sphincter being filled. “You better move on to Sarah now, Nicholas. Otherwise someone will hear her screaming for sure. She’s such a baby.”Josie scowled at Maddie as Nick reluctantly pulled out of her ass. He noticed his cock still glistened from the lube so he didn’t bother to apply any more before he penetrated Sarah’s asshole with his long sheath. Sarah moaned in pleasure instead of pain once Nick’s cock had entered her. Even though she wasn’t as tight as the other girls, she probably felt the best to Nick. He could get as deep as he wanted and could fuck at a rhythm more akin to fucking a vagina.“Fuck me harder,” she said. “I want you to go all the way to the base.”Nick assumed she meant that she wanted him to bury his cock to the hilt in her ass. He worked more and more of his cock inside of her until Sarah’s eyes rolled into the back of her head in pleasure.“Kiss me you studly man,” Sarah ordered. Nick placed his lips against hers and slithered his tongue into her mouth. Her kisses tasted like blueberries. She must have had one of the mixed drinks downstairs before coming up.Nick felt the tingly sensation of an oncoming orgasm enter his toes and make its way up his legs. His cock hardened even further and he knew that he would unleash his semen soon if he didn’t slow down and pull out.He grabbed his cock and pulled out, causing a moan in disappointment from Sarah. He buried his face in her pussy and she turned that moan into another moan of delight. After licking her pussy for a minute or so, Nick thought of another way to punish these girls for coming on to him. He’d heard of the problems a woman’s vagina may have with bacteria when a guy has anal sex with a girl before having vaginal intercourse and he thought of going ass to pussy right now with Sarah.Nick really wanted to do it to Maddie but she was too strong willed and had her eyes on everything he was doing. He could probably slip inside of Sarah’s pussy and get his rocks off before either girl got upset at him.In a quick movement, Nick replaced his tongue with his cock in Sarah’s vagina. Instead of protests, Sarah moaned even louder as he settled into a quick rhythm of pounding her hot wet pussy.“Oh yeah, fuck me!”Nick didn’t care that Maddie and Josie were eyeing him suspiciously out of his peripheral vision as he pounded faster into Sarah. He even smacked her ass to show he was in control. He was the dominant one. “Do it again!”Nick slapped Sarah’s ass again, leaving a bright red mark of his open palm on her fleshy cheek. The orgasmic feeling he felt earlier was coming on again but this time there would be no holding back. A surge of energy raced from his toes, through his legs and into his balls, which pumped their cream up his shaft and sent it racing into Sarah’s fertile womb. The feeling raced up his back and chest and all the way to the top of his head and caused him to moan.“Uggh fuck!”Just as Nick went to pull out, he heard a loud pounding against the door.“Shit! No one else was supposed to come in here,” Maddie said. “Should I stall?”Nick’s heart pounded as he debated whether to pull out of Sarah and try to find his clothes or just hope the person went away. When the door opened, his worst fears came true.“Ahhhh!”It was a scream. The scream was loud enough to fill the entire house, even over the hip hop music. Stacy stood in the doorway, tears rolling down her face. She shook her head as she witnessed the aftermath of her boyfriend cheating on her.There was no explaining to be done. Nick’s cock had only just fallen out of Sarah’s vagina as Stacy stood there. Even though he was likely given something in his drink that influenced his decision making, Nick still enjoyed the sex. “Stacy…”“Don’t you start talking to me you fucking bastard! I loved you, Nicholas, and you go and pull shit like this while I’m gone for only an hour?”Nick wanted to open his mouth but it was as paralyzed as the rest of his body had been earlier. He felt the tears welling up in his eyes too, trying to show some sign of remorse for what he had done.“I can’t believe I saw something in you.”Stacy turned her back on Nick and stormed down the hallway. Nick heard her footsteps running down the stairs and out of the front door. He couldn’t believe he allowed his urges to take over again and cause him to break the heart of the woman he loved.He saw another shadow emerge in the doorway with a large smile. Nick strained his eyes to see that it was Tiffany that emerged before him. Of course Tiffany was behind this. From the flirting of Mari at the homecoming dance to luring him to be Mari’s beer pong partner and having Maddie step in for Danny, he knew this was Tiffany’s doing. He had no idea what her agenda was but he knew that if he wanted any chance of straightening things out with Stacy that he had to crack this girl. “See what happens when you fuck with me and my girl? You’re nothing but a sack of shit, Nick Jameson. You’re going to regret this night for the rest of your life. I guarantee it.”As Tiffany walked away and the other girls stared at Nick in what was likely fake shock, Nick slumped to the floor realizing what an idiot he had been. He threw away the best relationship he’d ever had because of one obsession. “Fuck me.”





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