I’ll call you slut阿娇陈冠希囗交13分钟在线观看

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I’ll call you slut阿娇陈冠希囗交13分钟在线观看

Part2Pam wakes after a long sleepless night. She spent the night contemplating her dilemma hoping she still has a marriage. She listens for jack hearing him in the kitchen and pots rattling. Pam slowly makes her way to the kitchen after her morning routine. She rounds the corner to the kitchen “good morning babe, smells good”. Jack has his back to her emptying the contents of the frying pan onto a plate. “Hope your hungry? I cooked a ton for some reason”. Pam smiles knowing she has a good chance at keeping her marriage alive. They exchange some morning pleasantries and then the inevitable conversation starts.“So Pam, I’ve been thinking about our new found territory we find ourselves on. Although I don’t like what I have found out in the last 24 hours, I do know that I still love you so we’re just gonna have to figure out a way for me to come to terms with all this”. Pam immediately jumps up, runs to him and plants a big kiss on him. “I love you honey”. Jack reciprocates the kiss. “Ok Pam lets eat and we’ll talk in a bit. Now with Pam at ease she and jack enjoy a nice breakfast. Jack moves from the kitchen to his recliner turning on the t-v having no intention on watching it, its just habit. “Hey Pam, take a seat” as jack pats his knee. Pam sets her coffee on the table next to the chair and sits on his lap. “So honey, I heard a few things from the guys and I would like to know the truth”. Pam smiles “I’m an open book. Ask me anything no secrets but, make sure you really want to know the answers before you ask them. Don’t get mad at me if you don’t like the answer”. Jack laughs “don’t worry I think I can handle it, I’m a big boy”. Pam reaches for his cock. “Yes you are”.“Ok, I overheard that you would fuck guys a hundred at a time, that you never turned down anyone with a cock, that you would drink cum from your own ass, that you fucked over a thousand guys” jack continued these questions without pause or giving time for Pam to respond. “ok,ok,ok Pam how bout this lets start at the beginning and go from there”. Pam readjusts herself again “ ok, I’ll start from the beginning but don’t be mad at me. You asked for this.” “You see I was a lot younger and did a lot of things that I thought would make my boyfriend love me like I loved him. I would do anything for him and I did anything for him. That’s how it all started. You see one night we were screwing around when out of nowhere he asked me if I would screw one of his friends that is in a rough patch. At first I was floored and flat out refused. Naturally from the way things turned out he pestered me till I caved in. it was harmless enough. I thought that if this is what he really wanted than it would be ok. He told me that it wasn’t an emotional thing just physical. So on that night we were out cruising around and the guys were feeding me some alaze’ so naturally I got pretty buzzed. We ended going to hi friends house into his basement as his parents let him set up camp down there. They tickled me together and then the hands started the roaming when next thing I know my boyfriend was fingering me while taking my tits out of my shirt. His friend was shocked at first but once he saw the look on my boyfriends face he relaxed. I noticed that his friend had an impressive boner in his pants. Well at least back then I thought it was impressive. I watched his boner as the groping and fingering continued till my boyfriend guided his friend’s hand to my very wet pussy. He wasted no time and fingered me with if I remember correctly 3 fingers. It startled me at first but it was such an erotic thing going on that they went in with ease. Within a few minutes they had me stripped naked, on the couch kissing one while the other one guided his cock to my waiting hole and wham. He fucked me silly for only a minute or so then came right in me. My boyfriend seeing this sent his cum across my face and into my mouth which I swallowed. The whole thing only took minutes but at the time seemed like and eternity. I loved every second of it although I played it off as if I was ashamed. A girl needs to keep her reputation after all. Kinda funny now.” Jack adjusts in his seat causing Pam to slide closer to his hard on. “wow you like to hear this don’t you?’” jack smiles devilishly “ ok, don’t change the subject keep going”. Pam reached for his zipper, slides it down and takes his cock out and stroking it from base to tip. “I’ll try not to go too fast after all we don’t want this this thing going off accidentally”. She reached over to the table and grabs the lotion off the it and squeezed some into her hand before resuming her stroking. “ok where was I? Ok yeah,特黄 做受又硬又粗又大视频 so over the next 2 weeks my boyfriend and I ended up in his friends basement almost every day. They both were enjoying our new found play. So much so that they felt it ok to bring along other friends. The first time my boyfriend brought a new guy into the basement I really did freak out. I was yelling at him asking him if he thought I was his personal fuck doll and other things along that line. I must say he had the gift of gab cause next thing I know I’m on my knees sucking this new guys cock. My boyfriend enters me from behind while his other friend positions himself nest to my head. I spend the next hour being a merry go round ride for them till they all have their nut.”Jack excitingly asks Pam “so where did they cum?” Pam smiles one on my stomach while two came in my mouth.” Jack really starts to breath heavy “ how did they cum in your mouth? Were they in your mouth or did they shoot their cum in your mouth?” Pam picks up her stroking speed “they shot their cum in my open mouth and I swallowed every drop. I was so turned on their cum was heavenly and I even licked them clean”. Jack whimpers and Pam cam tell he’s about to cum. Pam jumps off his lap to her knees, opens her mouth. “Oh babe, shoot your cum in myJust like those guys did.” Pam sticks her tongue out and moans as Jack releases several strong spurts of cum in her mouth. Pam greedily accepts his cum acting like a wanton porn star might for her money shot. Jack falls back in his seat looking at his wife with his cum still in her mouth and on her face. “mmmmmmm” is all Pam can say with a mouth full of cum. She waits a minute building up the anticipation and looks him dead in the eye then swallows. “Wow Pam, you never took my cum like that before.” Pam licks her lips as she leans towards Jack’s still hard dick, grinning and staring at his cock “you have never stayed hard after you’ve cum either. A new one for both I think”. Jack looks down at his cock “yeah I guess not. Look what you’ve done. Is this how the others were. Did you keep them hard all the time too?”. Pam takes his cock in her mouth all the way to the base. “mmmhhhnmmmm” is her answer. Pam continues to take him down her throat like she never has with jack before then pops it out of her mouth “um babe, I was afraid that you would think I’m a slut and leave. So I kept things kinds vanilla. I wasn’t sure you could handle it but now that I know that you can. You’re going to love it now. I can be nasty with the right provocation”.Pam, now feeling confident in his acceptance of her throat fucks herself much to Jack’ surprise and delight. She attacks his cock with a vigor that throws him back but he doesn’t say anything to interrupt her afraid she will stop completely. Her self-inflicted throat fucking almost pushes Jack to cum with in a minute. Pam senses this and gets off him “I want you to fuck me now. You can cum down my throat if you want to later but now I need a good fucking”. She rises to her feet turning with her back to jack lowering herself onto his cock. Jack suddenly stops her “if you want me to fuck me you are going to have to tell me more”. Pam turns her heads giving Jack a devilish grin “you naughty boy, you want to hear how other men have used your wifes pussy? Is that what you want?” Jack nods his head slowly “fuck yeah slut, that’s exactly what I want”. Pam gets his cock in her “oh, I love being called a slut. Will you call me a slut more often?”. Jack thrust up into her “you bet, I’ll call you slut, whore, skank, fuck pig, what ever you want just tell me everything and the truth only.” Pam moans loudly then answers softly. “Everything you want”……………




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