We met at a friend's birthday party. He was about 6'1" average looking with short brown hair and in his late 20's from what I could tell. To be honest, I'm not much of a model either at just past 30 years old, standing at 5'6 and a bit overweight with 36Cs and short brunette hair. Anyway, we got along from the start, he was polite and charming and seemed very mature for his age. I was immediately drawn to him since I had a few bad relationships recently and was in desperate need to have a grown up conversation again.Time flied and before I knew it, it was almost 4am. We were both tired, so we exchanged phone numbers and went home by ourselves.A few days later, he called me and we arranged to meet at a nearby restaurant. Over the phone he insisted it wasn’t a date and that all he wanted was to have a casual dinner with someone. I obviously agreed and although he said it wasn’t a date, I dressed in my best clothes. By best, I mean formal and respectable, not slutty and revealing. I was tired of my partners "forcing" me to wear those types of clothes for their pleasure, and for some reason I thought he would like this more mature style better anyway.I got there early, probably from the anticipation of meeting him again and going a bit faster than I normally do. Luckily for me, he was already waiting for me at the entrance. We greeted each other and complimented each other's attire. We had a great dinner with great, intellectual conversation which was a breath of fresh air for me. By the end of the night, I was completely head over heels for him and didn’t hesitate when he offered to carry on the night at his place.We got to his apartment, which was nothing fancy, just a single bedroom apartment, but well furnished. He brought out some wine and we continued to chat. Once again, the time flew and it was 2am before I realized it. Somehow, I was incredibly turned on, but not in the "I need sex right now" sort of way, but more in the "I love being with this guy" sort of way.He didn’t even mention sex, which I thought was sort of weird, but again, another breath of fresh air to finally meet a guy who wasn’t driven by his cock. When he saw the time and me yawning, he offered to drive me home. I was taken by surprise to be honest, since I was expecting to "sleep over" at his place. I declined his offer however, and drove home myself. When I got home, I just had to masturbate. I had a incredibly strong orgasm thinking about how much I loved this man. I fell asleep soon after, but still dreamt about him all night. When I woke up in the morning, I still couldn’t get him out of my head. I couldn’t wait to see him again.The next day, he called me saying he wanted to see me again. I again agreed without hesitation and we agreed for him to meet me at my place. He arrived around 7pm and we once again sat on the couch and talked for hours. Soon after 10pm, he finally brought up something more sexual in nature. He wanted to know how I like to dress. Seemed like a fairly routine question, so I said I like comfortable clothes, but I don’t mind showing some skin if that’s when he was looking to find out. So in response he asked what about my underwear preferences. I told him its mostly just normal panties with a few thongs. Then he really surprised me by telling me to get all my underwear and bring them to him. I was shocked initially, but was too turned on by him to say no. I said "ok" and went to my room. I put all my bra and panties into a basket and brought them into the living room. Then he told me to lay them out on the carpet in order from least favorite to favorite, starting with the panties. I was beginning to like this more and more for some reason, and obediently began laying out all the panties like he wanted. It took a few minutes, but eventually I was happy with the order. Then he told me to match any bra's to their corresponding panties and order the rest in the same manner. Again, I did what he asked without hesitation. Once I was done, he asked if I was sure that I was done and happy with my selection,特黄 做受又硬又粗又大视频 to which I answered a hesitant yes, since it sounded like a trick question. After a short pause, he asked if I was wearing any underwear. The realization hit me that it was a trick question since I was wearing both a bra and thong. I looked at him and with shame said that I did. He didn’t seem to displeased and told me to lay it out as well then. I was not exactly sure how to take them off, so taking the conservative approach, I took of my panties from under my skirt and undid my bra and took it out under my top. I placed them in the 2 lines of underwear in their place and stood next to them, waiting for my next assignment. There were about 20 pairs of bra and panties and for some reason, I was not embarrassed at all at him seeing them.He told me that I did a good job, but that I won't be needing the rest of my clothes. By now I was totally under his control and slowly took off my top first and then slid out of my skirt. He seemed relatively pleased at my obedience, which made me incredibly happy inside. Next, he told me to go to my computer and find a porn video, of no more than 10 minutes, which I like to masturbate to. I walked into my room and began searching for something that both I would like and hopefully he would to. I heard him go out the front door, but I continued to search. I finally found a video to his specifications which involved a young girl being tied to a bed and fucked with her toys and then by the male in the video.He came into my room and told me to kneel under my desk. I immediately did what he ordered as he sat down. He told me that I know what to do, so that I should do it. I proceeded to take down his pants from under the desk and take out his 7" semi hard cock. I first stroked it and played with his balls to get it fully hard. Then I proceeded to use my mouth and give the most dedicated blow job of my life. As I heard him watching the video, he would slow me down every few minutes, presumably so that he didn’t cum. When the video ended, he told me to kneel in the middle of the room. I crawled to the spot he instructed to and knelt down. He told me that I have to make him cum and then make sure to get it all on my face. So I once again began sucking on his hard cock and going as fast as I could. After a short while, he said that he's about to cum, so I took it into my hand and continued to stroke him in front of my face. He started to cum and I closed my eyes so that the cum didn’t land in them. He shot about 3 strong spurts, followed by a dribble which I felt on my chin. He then said that I must rub it all over my face and that I'm not allowed to wash it off until tomorrow morning. I began rubbing his cum all over my face, while he got dressed. Once I was done, I looked up at him and he said sternly, "you're not allowed to cum until I give you permission, understand". I nodded and said, "yes sir". He smiled and left the room and then the my house. I was feeling a million emotions while I heard the door close and realizing what had just happened. Most of which was the kind of arousal I have never felt before, the other noticeable one being of humiliation of being treated like that and still kneeling with his cum rubbed into my face. Then the surprise hit me when I realized I let it all happen, and very willingly at that. I walked into the living room again, to find that all my underwear was gone. I was confused at first, but quickly realized that he took them and obviously didn’t want me wearing any. The thought of that made aroused once again, but I was afraid that if I touched myself, I would cum. So I refrained from doing so and went to bed, with the smell of cum as I fell asleep.Let me know what you think and if you want more




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