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and this timeyy111111电影院少妇影院无码

The Key had unlocked the padlock. Only the door lock stood between My cum dripping out of Leah's hot 18 year old mouth, and her older sister realizing what had transpired. I picked Leah up by her tight ass and placed her on my shoulder. I could feel her massive tits rubbing my shoulder and immediately became hard again. At this point, my pants were still at my ankles and I had to hide all the evidence. It was rather comical thinking back on it, we basically looked like a father and son in a three legged race. I ran straight towards our back door pants at the ankle with a smoking hot Leah on my shoulders at which point the door opened. Out of sight, right behind our kitchen door I whispered"Put your damn top on and head upstairs. Take the back steps and go into the party like nothing happened. I'll be up in 10 minutes i'm pretending I have to use the bathroom. Oh, and wipe your shoulder, you have a 'little something' there." She had a drip of my steaming cum still there. Leah, the stunning minx that she is said, "I need more than just that Mike". As I am prodding her along she reaches down into my groin and manages to find a touch more cum still seeping out of my rock hard cock. She licks it as if she just dipped her finger into a cake, looking naughty as ever. "GO." I waved violently at Leah trying not to get caught by her sister, the one who truly wanted me. Leah was fucking with my mind so badly. She gave me a sexual teasing look, which only sufficed to turn me on even more. She carefully shut the back door and not a second too late because our kitchen door came flying open, and I had barely a second to squeeze into our tiny bathroom. "Mike, what the fuck is happening?" "Is that Laura?""Don't play dumb with me. Where is my fucking sister?" No sense beating around the bush. I was going to just talk to her like she was one of the guys. Because she was to me, Laura was a friend to me and I never pictured her in that way. On the contrary, Leah had fueled my libido like a viagra. Even then in the height of getting caught my heart still racing I couldn't stop but think about having my way with that filthy 18 year old. But how to distract her sister?"I am on the can right now, if you can't tell. The last I saw your sister we were playing beer pong. Jeeze Laura you need to get the stick out of your ass she's a woman she can handle herself.""UGH! One minute she's asking me for a tampon and the next she's after another boy. I should have never let her come up with me tonight." Like I said, just another one of the guys the way she talks. This whole tampon situation though, I did not see that coming. So Leah was on her period and was insanely horny for me. Makes sense, but she said she wanted round 2? I had to get moving and find a way to get her back down so I could find a way to fuck her. I slowly meandered back upstairs to find Leah. We had to be cautious as ever as to avoid detection. There was a dance party going on, where it looked like a few of my fellow friends had already had a bit too much to drink. None the less, it provided a great distraction. I saw Leah and signaled her to move towards the back of the room. I started dancing hoping she would take the hint. She did, and she started dancing with some other girls. I made my way back to her and caught her ear and said, "so round 2? When and where. Your sister is gonna hawk us now," to which she responded "leave that to me."Without another word, she rubs slowly past me and deliberately grabs my shaft. This time it was really hard with authority. I am behind Leah and she is reaching back to grab me in the floor, I have to bend over her back to make sure no one sees. "I am GOING to get this dick shoved deep, balls deep. In 15 minutes, meet me at the back door of your place, and this time, move the couch across your front door."Jesus christ. My mind racing, my cock throbbing,亚洲国产精品成人精品无码区 I am going crazy in my place. I made sure to avoid Laura at all costs and just pray to all that is holy that we have more than 10 minutes alone. She is so hot emotionally and physically, just the thought of her defying her sister's desire for me is what turns me on the most. That and her aggressive confidence I even love when she is the dominating party, I just can't wait to see what's in store. The back door opens, and Leah races through. I immediately ask" how much time do we have" to which she replies "Enough. Now get on the bed and lose the pants." I sprint to the bedroom and look at her undress again. Godamn her tits are so big that when she takes her shirt off they get caught and bounce. I am sitting on the edge of the bed which is low to the ground and puts me face level at her tits. She shoves them purposely in my face with some force. I, being conscious of what I thought was to be a short time reach for her pants and begin to pull them down. I get about half way down her tight ass when she stops me. She takes two steps backwards and turns around. The striptease has begun. The pants come down until her tiny if you can even call it underwear is the only thing between me and Leah's hot 18 year old pussy. She bends over forward all the way to the floor just out of my reach, and moves her thong to the side. I realize now from before that there is a tampon in. I almost was grossed out because her allure totally made me forget she was on her period. But if that happened for a millisecond, then it only took a nanosecond for me to recover. Leah came back at me kissed me really hard and as if she couldn't be raunchy enough, proclaimed "it's your lucky day Mike. Because you're gonna fuck my ass, and your gonna fuck it now."Again, the confidence and downright authoritarian from this 18 year old. I was so horny by her commanding me that I just about lost it. Time and her sister utterly forgotten, I ripped her panties to the side and had her ass up face down on the bed. I spat right into her asshole and rubbed it with my thumb. "Get in there big boy, I want you to tongue fuck me baby." I obliged and began to seriously lick her delicious star which was so overly tight at first I couldn't even truly tongue her. She started to moan and "ughhhhhhhhh go deeper Mike go deeper I want you to tongue fuck me!"Eating Leah's tight ass while she was face down could have seriously brought me to climax. She again grabbed my face and forced me deeper into her asshole. I loved how aggressive this girl is, it was such a change of pace to the girls I had dated before. She was downright DEMANDING, and she was MAKING Me lick her. I began to rub her clit to get her to try and orgasm. It only took 10 seconds before finally she rammed her ass back into my face and began to vibrate. "Fuck Fuck fuck mike dont stop." She slowly lowered her ass and laid flat on the bed feeling euphoric. Before I could even move I felt her toeing my cock. Yes that's right, she was rubbing me with her foot. "Bring me that fucking dick Mike I have to get it wet for my ass" I obeyed the delicious Leah and came forward to her mouth where I entered and leaned over her. I sucked on my index finger as she took me deep in her mouth and slowly started penetrating her ass. It was so tight I could barely even get it towards the half way point. All the while Leah is doing her work on my cock deeper and deeper.Most girls at this point that I had been with tap out and say it hurts. But Leah never even peeped and I forced a second finger in there to which she squealed. "DO another one, and do it now. I can't take much more waiting." Fuck. I was so screwed forever at this point my mind had just been fucked almost as hard as my dick was about to be. The third finger went in but only just, her ass just kept contracting to my fingers. My dick being wet as ever, Leah got up and I got on my knees against the wall. She got into the doggystyle and literally started backing up. "Put it in, and put it in hard Mike. I want you to cum deep in my ass."I spit on Leah's ass one more time for good measure, and put the tip in and before I knew it, she just RAMMED her ass back all the way until her ass touched my belly. I came IMMEDIATELY and it was so unexpected but she knew it because she was shaking too. I couldn't believe what happened and she was shaking in a mutual orgasm as she clearly felt my cum so deep in her asshole! She took it like a champ I could not believe she went from the top all the way down in the first second of anal. Before I could even get my ground Leah had already started going. I was worried I would go soft but watching her work against my cock was enough to keep me hard. She did all the fucking, the back and forth the back and forth. She was grinding deep and shaking her ass in ways that made me not last long. I could tell that I probably would have a weak orgasm if I came now, so I picked her up and moved over to the floor. She sat on my cock and began to fuck me reverse cowgirl. Just watching her entire backside was so hot and I knew I wasn't going to last long. I finally told her I was coming and she hopped off and grabbed my dick which was soaking wet in her anal juices. She took it deep in her mouth and devoured me until I finally came again down her hot filthy throat. I had at this point been spent and believe that I could have certainly blacked out from all the ecstasy. "I Told you I get what I want Mike, I don't care what my sister thinks. You are mine and if she thinks otherwise, well then, that may just end up in a punishment for you. Would you like that?" "I would fucking love that, just give me a reason to be in your command."




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