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not a hard conceptyy1111111少妇影院光屁股

Amy sat in the chair just in the corner. She watched as Daniel slept. Even though it had been two weeks since he woke, he still slept a lot. Alisha had said that it was because of the testing.They were rerunning a dozen tests. She didn’t know why, just that something got screwed up somewhere.Daniel twisted in his sleep. Another dream. What was it that he dreamt? Was he reliving the moment that caused his injuries or maybe something else that hurt him. She didn’t know anything about him really. She knew he was more than a few years older.Like many girls, she didn’t look at older men. At least she didn’t until she started working with him. There was something about him. Michele had encouraged their first encounter beyond the professional. That had opened her mind a little. It took a few more times with either of the doctors present before she had the courage to ask him when they weren’t around. It felt different when they were joined by one of the women.She looked at him and made sure everything was alright on the monitors. She had brought breakfast but he showed no signs of waking up to eat it. He might be extra hungry later. She sat back down and she thought back over the weeks. She felt guilty, almost as if she was taking advantage of him. It felt great, that wasn’t the problem. She had crossed a line. One that they told them about in school. It a line that every professor she had saidthey should think very hard about before crossing. She had been scared and that first night she was up all night worried about the repercussions. However, she also had relived it repeatedly. When they had repeated it the next day with Alisha, she stated to enjoy it. She felt pleasure in her entire body. But the women were not always able to make it there. She asked him one day if it would be all right if she closed the doorfor a little privacy. He reminded her that she didn’t need to feed him and he didn’t mind the door closed since she was going to insist that it was her job. She then said she was going to do it naked. Despite his best efforts, he had to smile at that. Since then she had taken to closing the privacy when she helped him eat, so she could strip down. She even told him she was, but despite her proximity, he never once made a move. He only did it when she asked and told him she needed his help.She would lie in the bedand rube his chest. All he would do is smile until she moved just right and then and he wouldcaress her body. His fingers were light on her skin. None of the boys she had been with did that. They didn’t care to do more spread her legs and slide fast into her.Her first time was memorable as the worst moment in her life. He just jammed it in her and yelled as if he just won some grand prize. He didn’t wait a moment to start roughly jamming itin her as she screamed for him to stop. It took a long time to get to the point where she wanted the touch of a man. She wanted to do more with Daniel but Alisha and Michele had both said that he was still recovering. He was recovering faster than they thought he would.They didn’t think he be able to move let alone fondle a woman.He did it well too. Amy was thinking of ways to get him to touch more parts. She had asked him if he though her breasts were small. Some of the girls at the gym had been comparing. He laughed at that. “People have been comparing things since time began.Usually men are comparing women’s parts though. Sorry I can’t see them for myself,” he grinned. She laughed and took his hand. “Maybe not but you can sure feel them, “ she told him as she put his hands on both her breasts. She expected his fingers to dig in and squeeze them tight. She gasped when he just let his fingers didn’t move but he moved his entire hand rubbing against her stiffening nipple. She felt his fingers move and outline the mounds on her chest. He just moved them around the tips of his fingers were warm on her skin and she gasped when they brushed the nipple.He used every movement tracing the surface of her breasts. “I would say they are perfectly fine,” he said as he continued. “They are firm but soft,” he pressed the tips into each mound just to accent what he said.He felt her wince with anticipation. “They fill my hands but not over filled. I can feel most of them in my hand and it I don’t need to move them much to feel every inch.” He moved around her maintain one hand in place and then standing behind here he traced his hand around her breasts and between them running his fingers down her body. He moved them along the sides and then back up.Never once did more than the tips of his fingers touch her skin as he traced her body. He leaned in closer breathing slightly on her neck.“ Your body is firm and you stay in shape. If what I sense is true then your breasts are the perfect size of you,” he whispered in her ear. He then stepped away. The boys she knew would have taken advantage gone further down. But he didn’t even touch her butt cheeks.She felt that tinge of guilt again but she had him close and she wanted to feel something more. He already had her wet enough to put a whole hand inside. She grabbed his hand and eased it down between her legs. “and what about this part, you think this is suitable for a girl like me?” He was still behind her when she did. He moment drew him in closer and with his arms around to the front she felt him pressing against her naked body. Daniel knew what she was doing and he just humored her as he repeat the process. This time he let one hand move over the top rubbing the soft hairless mound just above her it move in small circles his other hand traced the outer lips. They were puffy and spread out as he slipped a finger through them. “You’re a small woman, and this is a very nice part of your body. Used correctly it will bring you pleasure. And some pain,” he whispered again in her ear and sheshuddered as he mentioned pain and tried to pull away. “Child birth is an experience that can bring joy in the end but will bring pain before that. Not much we can do about it. Fortunately with modern medicine it’s not as bad as it was once.” He had eased her mind and she relaxed in his arms again as he started slipping two fingers inside her as the thumb on his other hand rubbed her clit faster and faster He rubbed the lips as she started to moan. “There is more pleasure than pain. Some like it a little rougher than others, but this is nicely formed. I would say it like your breasts is perfect for you.”He had continued to finger and rub her. She felt the waves of pleasure as heheld her and then slowed down as she came down. He stoppedonly to readjust how she stood. Hewhispered asking if she was okay and she just nodded unable to talk. He cupped between her legs with his right hand and then raised the other to caress her breast. He slid a finger into her and started to wiggle it around. “You should never be afraid to experience pleasureor the desire to experience it. As a nurse, you of all people should know that the body will let you know what it needs. Some needs are required more than others are. They are still needs.You fill that need as best as you can. And these parts of your body will always be perfect for you.I would say most men would enjoy them both.” He slowly stopped and let her ease down before he guided her to the same chair she had been sitting in all that time. She came out of her fog just in time to hear the knocking on the door. Only Alisha and Michele would interrupt. Everyone else would keep away. Amy had grabbed up her clothing, ran to the door to release the privacy and then hurried to the bathroom before the glass cleared. She could hear the conversation through the door.“She’s getting better at that,” Alisha replied as she came in and left the door open.“She’ll have it down soon enough, though a girl like her shouldn’t need to be sneak around.”Alisha gave a dry laugh. “Well it wouldn’t look good if she or any of us got caught doing some of the things done in here.”“True, but I’m not complaining so they shouldn’t say to much if that should happen. I am sensing that you’re not here to issue a reminder of such possibility.”“No, we’ll just consider it said since it seems its not likely to stop,” she saidin her professional tone. “At least any time soon,” she added a little more relaxed.“Well, again I’m not complaining but your wife started it,” he said amused. “So what’s up doc,” he asked suddenly wishing he had a carrot. “Let me guess finally had enough of me taking up space and kicking me loose finally.”Alisha took a deep breath. “Dr. Snider said that your physical therapy is helping.The last body scan showed that your lungs are working and the damaged areas are returning to normal. We have run every test that we can think of and some more than once.Every test result came back perfect. The test results can’t be right. Something has to be messed up somewhere in the lab. The fact that you can’t see is proof that something is messed up.”Daniel was silent a moment, or at least she though he was since she couldn’t hear anything. He tended to think about things beforetalking. He spoke calmly. “I am fine. I am alive, thanks to you and your colleagues. So I can’t see,亚洲欧美熟妇综合久久久久久 to some that would be better than being dead. No system is perfect Doctor. Someone made a mistake. Things could be worse.”“Daniel you don’t understand, I need these tests done right. I can’t accurately diagnose you if I can’t get the proper results. For all I know you could be dying because we missed something critical.”“Death is inevitable Doctor,” he said. “Try not to worry that pretty head of yours. The system will catch up to me soon enough. In the end, it might have been better to have left me to my fate on the floor.”“Sorry Marshal,” she addressed him formally. She hadn’t done that for some time. “You don’t have any option here. My orders came from the top. We are to do anything and everything to get you back on your feet. You’re not dying on my watch.” Amy had stepped out of the bathroom by then and stood silently by the door. Daniel was sitting on the bed and he had a look of deep thought.“I have as many options as any otherin this situation. I am useless as I am. I can do many things. Training, schoolingand life in general have taught me a lot. None of these things can be done by a blind man.I am no more than a burden to the system. It would be the only sensible thing to do.” He twisted his head so that he was looking in her direction. “What are you talking about orders?”He could hear Alisha talking to Amy. She just agreed to everything she said. He barely heard her leaving as she ran out the door. She returned a few minutes later and Daniel heard the door close behind her.“Orders, not a hard concept, Marshal. Just like, I just gave Amy some orders, and I gave three other nurses orders before I came here.I have a boss to you know and they have bosses and so forth. Now those orderswere to ensure you return to full health, no matter what.It wasn’t something that I or anyone here needed to be told to do.” She had moved toward him and stood right in front and she grabbed his face in both hands. “I don’t approve of that option you’re thinking of and I think it shouldn’t be available to anyone. There is no reason for it. I understand your frustration but by now, you better know that I am doing everything I can to bring back your sight.If for nothing more than to see the looks on Amy’s face when you finger her.” She giggled, looking at the shocked look on Amy’s face. She leaned in and kissed him. “She is so cute. I think you have her on the edge and she is about ready to jump you,” she continuedwatching Amy shaking her head embarrassed. “On the off chance she manages to get you to go past third base, I’ve made sure that she is up to date on her birth control.” Daniel groaned and Alisha held him tight. “I’m increasing the physical activity level for you. Doesn’t mean go crazy but you need to do more than sit around in here. You’ll need to work with the walking stick, so that means going out in the halls. No leaving this section, Amy will help when she can, but you need to do the work.”She stood up and stepped back. “ Now we have to rerun all tests. And to be sure you don’t do something stupid I’m having two security guards on watch. The only time one of them won’t be in here is when you have a doctor or nurse present.And if that don’t work, I’ll call your mother” she squeezed his face and laughed as he flustered. “Big strong marshal, takes on a gang of men with weapons they know nothing about but still a cares what mommy thinks.”Daniel moaned even louder. No one but medical staff could enter the room. The marshal service didn’t want to take any chances on someone being hired to finish the job.However, he had a comm station and his mother called daily, sometimes she had his father sitting there with her as well. His mother wasn’t happy he took the job for the marshals, but he couldn’t do what he was doing before. He needed to do something different.“Just don’t need more lectures,” he grumbled.“Then no more crazy talk. Behave and the guards will be gone in a week.” He groaned again. “Sorry, protocol in this situation calls for it. It also calls for you to start seeing Dr. Henry Simpson sooner than later. Im sure the two of you will have a great time talking. Just remember I need this job, ok.” She pecked him on the nose andthenwent over and kissed Amy. “Keep the door open for the majority, the security guards are jumpy and to long they might start breaking things down.”Amy stood from her chair. That had happened a week ago. True to her word the guards were now gone. Amy looked at the monitors as she walked over beside the bed. She was closer than she should be but she had to be sure he was breathing as he laid there sleeping. She noted the readings and turned away. She had just decided to take out the breakfast tray and get his lunch when he started screaming, “Cynthia!!!”





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