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the doctoryy1111111少妇影院光屁股

“I'm home.” Jimmy yelled as he walked in the door still sweaty from football practice. While most guys showered at school, Jimmy had a daily routine, after practice drive to the local grocery where his girlfriend worked, hangout with her during her break, go home, shower, then rub one out in his room. After he got out the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and started walking to his room. In the way down the hall he stepped on a sharp object that pricked his foot. He picked it out of his foot and recognized his mother's earring. Normally he would've walked two more doors down to return it to her but Jesse, his girlfriend was mercilessly teasing him during her break so he was desperate for a release. He grabbed the earring, walked to his room and put it on the nightstand next to his bed. He closed the door, dropped his towel and grabbed his phone. He began looking at an assortment of sexy pictures Jessesent him. Jimmy started rubbing his cock like he usually does every day and it was just starting to feel good. But then his bedroom door swung open and his mother walked right in. “Jimmy have you seen my earring?”“MOM!” Jimmy shouted as he tried to cover up. “Oh here it is.” She said as she reached for the nightstand. She picked it up and put it back in her earlobe. “So how was practice?” She said as if nothing was wrong. “What???” Jimmy said with confusion. Did she not notice he’s completely naked with a hard on?“You said coach wasn't sure who would get the starting TE spot and it's a tight competition between you and one other player.” She said as she removed the hand that was covering her sons 8 inch cock. “Ummm coach decided I would start because I'm a senior” Jimmy said still confused. “That's great! Hopefully you guys can win state this year” she said as she started to jack off her son. “You already know your father was the star QB in high school. But did you know I was the head cheerleader?”“Uhhh no I didn’t” Jimmy said in shock at what's happening. “What your father doesn't like to talk about is how he was the one who cost us the state championship his senior year. He audibles out of a run play on the goal line and threw an interception at the end of the game.” She was jacking off her own son while talking about a 20 year old high school football game then suddenly she lifted her shirt up and exposed her nice pair of D cup breasts. She got up and straddle her sons 18 year old dick. “Umm mom?” Still bewildered at what was going on. She lifted her skirt and moved her red thong to the side. “You know he never got over that game. Till this day he still refuses to return back to our hoooooome town” she gasped as she took all 8 inches of her sons cock in her pussy. She began to ride him like an experienced milf would.“Omg my mom is fucking me” Jimmy thought. “Well just do your best and try to remember it's only a Gaaaame, And focus on your studiiies.” Jimmy’s mother was riding her son and trying to carry on a normal conversation. “Omg mom I'm about tooo!” At that point jimmy’s mom got off her son and pointed his cock at her face just in time for him to shoot all over it.She got up put her shirt back on, fixed her skirt and said cheerfully “ thanks for finding my earring”After she left Jimmy was left to wonder what had just happened. 15 mins later while still lost in thought about what happened Jimmy heard yelling.“Are you fucking kidding me?! Your own son! You open your legs for ANYONE don't you!Jimmie got up and crept down the hall to his parents bedroom. The door was cracked open and he could just see what was going on. “The mailman, the doctor, all the neighbors!” He said as he was pounding his wife from behind. “ you are nothing but a filthy disgusting slut and I'm gonna give you what you deserve!”“I’ll fuck who I want! You don't control me! You can’t even fuck me right! That’s why all you can do is rape me, and then suck at it. Come on you fucking bastard I won’t break! Hurry up and cum so I can get some REAL cock!Jimmy was shockedHe went back to his room and jacked his dick and blew an even bigger load than the one he blew on his mothers face. For the next week Jimmy avoided his mother he still hadn’t understood what happened but he still jacked off every night to the thought of his cum all over her face. One day when he came home his mother was waiting for him. “Jimmy sit down we need to talk”“O-ok”Jimmy sat at the kitchen table with his mother standing over him. He tried to avoid eye contact, but instead kept staring at the glorious tits his mother had. He began to feel the bulge push up against his jeans. “I’ve noticed that you’ve been avoiding me for some time now. Is there something wrong? Are you in trouble at school?”“No, I guess I’ve just been tired from practice”“Well if you’re tired why not just tell me? I can help you relieve some stress” the experienced milf got down on her knees in front of her son and started unzipping his pants. Jimmy looked on in bewilderment as his mother her was again jacking off his cock. Only this time he was able to find the right words for the situation. “Mom what are you doing? Why are you doing this again?”“Jimmy, it’s about time you knew something. I’m the community cum bucket. Anyone who wants me can take me.”Jimmy was shocked at what his mother had just said. Was his mother, the perfect little housewife is the neighborhood slut?“Most men just use me once or twice, but I have a few guys who know they can just come up to me and bend me over and take me with no resistance. They treat me like the Whore I am. I saw you jacking off your big dick the other day and decided that moment, that you should be free to use me how you want too. Now how do you want me?”“Mom I’m not sure I can do this. You’re my mother and I have a girlfriend.”“I won’t say anything if you won’t”“But I don’t want to cheat I care about her too much”“Really? Does the little dick tease do anything for you?”“Yes she doe…”“Besides send you pics in her bra”“Well she…”“Do you lick her pussy”“Yes” I answered thinking I was finally able to defend my girlfriend “And how often has she sucked your dick in return?”“Well….”“That’s what I thought. Who cares about that selfish bitch?”“Whoa ok maybe she’s not perfect but you better respect her!” Jimmy said seething with anger. Maybe she was right but there was noway he was gonna let her disrespect his Jesse like that.”“What are you gonna do about it? The slut is probably cheating on you anyway. Maybe the star QB is giving Her tight end the chance to score”At that moment Jimmy lost it. He was seeing red. He slapped his mother in the face with such force that she hit the ground face first. He then got down to the floor and ripped her skirt off. “Is this what you want mom? You want your sons cock fucking you? Well you’re gonna get your wish.” “That’s right do it! Show me that you’re a man!” Jimmy picked up her ass and ripped her black thong so there was an opening for his dick. Then without so much as second thought he buried his dick deep into his mothers cunt all the way to the hilt. He hammered at her mercilessly. Jimmy was fucking his mother more out of rage than arousal. “Yea that’s right fuck me! Your mother is a cheap fucking slut! 3 holes and a pair of D cups! Treat her like the whore she is”Jimmy grabbed his mother’s hair and pulled her head back. He leaned in closer “don’t you ever talk about Jesse like that again!” He growled. Yes I’m sorry baby I won’t talk like that again. Just cum in me give me your milk.”With a few more pumps Jimmy shot his load deep into his mother’s pussy. Jimmy got up and zipped up his pants, he looked down at the woman whom he just fucked mercilessly. “So,亚洲欧美熟妇综合久久久久久 community cum bucket? That mean I can use you anyway I want from now on?”Jimmy’s mother looked up at him with serious eyes. “I’m still your mother young man. You will treat me with respect, do your chores, be home at curfew, and keep your grades up. But yes when you use me you can use me anyway you like. Just don’t call me mom.”“Then what should I call you when I’m using you? Sharon?”“Don’t get cocky.”“Sorry”“Bitch, whore, slut, any one of those will do. Maybe you’ make up some new ones.”“Umm ok” Jimmy said finally calming down from his earlier rage“One more thing, do me whenever where and however you want. I don’t care who’s watching”“Even dad?”“Especially your father”“Ok”“And if I’m ever not in the mood and don’t want to “cooperate”, I’m giving you permission to take what belongs to you. Do you understand?”“Umm y-yes.” Jimmy stuttered. He wasn’t sure if he had heard her right. Did she give him permission to rape her? Either way Jimmy was just told by his mother to fuck her whenever he desires to. He went to bed that night and heard his father again arguing with his mother, but given the grunts he heard between words he was sure that conversation happened while he was deep in her pussy. After the grunting stopped Jimmy picked up his phone and read a good night text from Jesse., “Goodnight baby! Here’s something to give you sweet dreams” attached was just another naughty picture she was In all black lingerie posing with her legs open and one bra strap down. Nothing out of the ordinary at first glance. But on closer inspection jimmy saw something that shouldn’t be there. He closed the message, and sent a text to the woman down the hall.“Hey slut, get in here. And don’t bother getting dressed”To be continued…..





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