even hairier than Stacyyy11111111少妇电影院光屁股

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even hairier than Stacyyy11111111少妇电影院光屁股

Chapter 2As soon as he could, without raising any undo suspicion, Nelson did the dishes as that was his family chore this week and then excused himself ‘to go to bed’.He went to his room, locked his door and undressed.He then got out his lube, put a non-cam tissue box near his bed and laid back with his laptop on his lap and his monitoring program on.The window that would display all the views that had motion in them was blank so Nelson opened up a small window with one of ‘Pornhub’s’ upskirt compilations in it and he lubed up his hand and began to massage his cock and balls as he watched the video.The living room cams all came to life as Stacy (Nelson’s step mom) carried in the groceries.Sam (Nelson’s dad) had hear the car and came in to help.Once everything was in most of the cameras in the living room shut off, Nelson focused the lens from the living room through the door to the kitchen where he could see Stacy putting away groceries.Sam glanced around, and presumably, seeing nobody reached under Stacy’s skirt to cup her ass cheek while he kissed her.The camera angle didn’t show her face but she didn’t seem to mind.However, she didn’t encourage him either and soon stepped out of his reach to load the fridge.Nelson could just make out her telling him to go have a shower if he wanted any fun later and Nelson knew he was going to get his own show in no time at all.Sure enough, moments later, the cams in the master bedroom came on and Nelson could see his dad stripping in the bed room, leaving his clothes in heaps on the floor.His family wasn’t exactly prudish, but it had even been a while since he had seen his dad naked.At 43, Sam only had a small belly and greying temples on a 6’0”, 180 pound frame.Nelson looked on with mixed envy and hope at his dad’s cock, which even soft, showed indications that it would be larger than Nelson’s meager 5 inches.Not being terribly interested in his dad, beyond hoping his cock would grow to match his dad’s, he went back to watching the upskirt video while he waited for Stacy to arrive.Sam finished his quick shower, and then dried off just as Stacy came in to their bathroom.She told him to put on something sexy on the TV and get some wine and she would get ready for him and be out shortly.With that, Nelson decided to turn off Pornhub and he split the screen between the cam in the en-suite, the fire detector and the USB cam by the bed.He could see his dad walk back in with a bottle of red wine and two very full glasses.He then watched as he put on a porn movie!Nelson had suspected that they watched porn together but was delighted to have proof.He zoomed in on the screen and noted that it looked like some German swingers movie.He then saw motion in the bathroom screen and almost came.Stacy had undressed just out of sight of the camera and he could now see her in all her beauty.Her shoulder length red hair frustratingly covered her tits.Nelson was well aware that they were 34Cs from playing with her dirty lingerie in the past and looked forward to getting a look at them.Stacy then lifted the lid on the toilet and sat, letting her firecrotch fill the screen of what Nelson mentally dubbed his toilet cam. He immediately put that cam on full screen and zoomed in as he rubbed his cock rapidly with his other hand.Stacy’s cunt lips protruded significantly and she shaved her lower lips, but left a bright red bush above.Nelson was looking forward to seeing a stream of golden champagne flood the image, but instead saw a hand enter the field of view as Stacy began to rub her clit a bit and moan.Only then did she begin to pee, with a dribble at first.The flow soon increased to a torrent and Stacy continued to rub her clit as she peed, and Nelson came hard.At least this time he was ready for it and had a tissue in place to catch jet after jet of his cum as he watched his step mom’s sexy slit, spread wide just for his viewing pleasure.For the second time today.Well, second time ever. Nelson saw that Stacy got up without wiping and in moments she had left the field of view.Nelson hurriedly tried to wipe the cum from his cock as he closed that window and open the two in the bedroom.He also plugged in his headphones and turned up the volume just in time to hear Stacy ask to be licked clean.Even though he was still a teen, Nelson was surprised that having just cum, his cock immediately sprang back to life at the thought of his dad licking Stacy’s piss soaked pussy.Sam grinned hugely and waited for Stacy to lay back on the bed and spread her legs.He leaned down as Nelson adjusted the camera by zooming it in and aiming it.The angle wasn’t perfect, but Sam’s tongue could be clearly seen reaching out and licking up the last clinging drops of piss from Stacy’s wet cunt.Nelson backed out the camera far enough to see her face and it had such a contented smile on it that he realized that this must be a frequent ritual.Sam’s voice was clearly audible asking if she had saved him any and she said yes, but that he would have to wait for it.She tugged on his ear to get him to move up next to her.Lets watch the movie – at least for a while ok dear she said.Sam got up and passed her a glass of wine and happily pressed play on the remote before lying on the bed next to her.As Stacy sipped her wine and watched the opening credits, she casually reached over and began to lightly stoke Sam’s already hard cock.It was every bit as big as Nelson had suspected.At least 7 inches, and fat.The movie began with three couples sitting around a dinner table when a maid walked in with drinks.All she was wearing was a tiny apron, and her tits were swinging back and forth as she distributed drinks.Sam made a comment about Stacy’s tits and cupped one of them and she smiled and leaned over and kissed him.Nelson guessed it must have been complimentary, whatever it was.The camera angle shifted to under the table, and looked up each woman’s skirt.Nelson couldn’t help but notice that the casting agent had gone for diversity.One redhead, even hairier than Stacy, one brunette,永久免费观看国产裸体美女 trimmed just like Stacy, and a blond, totally bald.When the camera shifted back above the table, the maid was sitting on the table, in front of a male guest, her legs straddling him, and his face buried in the blond curls of her pussy.She was obligingly holding her pussy lips wide open and the camera zoomed in on his tongue alternatively probing her clearly wet slit and her puckered asshole.Nelson added more lube to his palm and began to stroke his own cock again as he watched.In fact he barely noticed as Stacy chugged her wine and then moved to suck on Sam’s cock as he watched the pretty maid get her cunt licked.It seemed everybody involved was moaning.The maid, Stacy, Sam, and now Nelson too.Stacy stopped sucking long enough to ask “want to cum hard and fast, or want to make this last loverboy?”“Lets try to last through a whole movie this time ok baby?”Stacy didn’t answer but went back to sucking Sam’s cock as he reached to slip a finger up her cunt.On screen the camera the camera zoomed back in on the maids cunt.When the fellow moved his mouth back from her asshole to her cunt she rewarded him with a squirt of pee.Based on his eager licking, this is exactly what he was hoping for.Stacy stopped sucking Sam’s cock long enough to compliment him on his movie selection.Nelson had no idea how kinky his dad and Stacy were.He knew they fucked almost every night because he listened to them, but this exceeded his wildest imagination.Sam guzzled his wine and then filled up both glasses, suggesting Stacy take a break for sucking to drink more. “Good idea baby, I only peed enough to get my cunt wet before and need to top up”“OK, so lets pace ourselves, by alternating.You suck my cock for the rest of this scene, then I’ll lick your cunt next scene and so on”Stacy’s only response was to lean back down and take Sam’s cock in her mouth as he moaned and reminded her he wanted to last.Nelson couldn’t believe his good luck at watching all of this and wondered if he could cum twice more or if he should slow down too.Back on screen, the maid had moved to the girl next to her first lover and now was getting a tongue bath from the girl.However, this girl seemed far more interested in her asshole than her cunt.Sam suggested that this was enough of a scene change that they should trade places so Stacy rolled back onto her ass and spread her legs wide so Sam could lick her too.Stacy suggested “I wish you would take your inspiration from the movie and lick my asshole too”.Sam’s response was obvious to Nelson as he watched his dad tongue this gorgeous woman’s asshole on his laptop.As much as he wanted to last he didn’t think he would be able to.On the tv the scene shifted back under the table again, with two girls on their knees sucking the cocks of two of the guys.They were taking them deep and gagging a bit.Stacy asked Sam if she tasted ok and he responded “you know I love it when you are a dirty girl, but draw the line at shit.You taste sweaty and that in very nice”.Back onscreen the maid came explosively, squirting all over the girls face that was licking her asshole.The girl then said something in German that brought a guy up to slip his cock up her well lubed ass.“baby, I’m not sure who’s turn it is, but I sure would love to watch this while you suck my cock”.Stacy laughed loudly and said “of course” and traded positions yet again.Nelson figured out that the guy on screen must have been one of the ones that was getting his cock sucked because he unloaded his cum in the maid’s ass almost right away and the girl leaned in to lick it all out.“Sure you don’t want to cum for me baby?”“Not just yet” how about I fuck your ass for a bit?”Nelson knew he couldn’t hold it if they actually did that and watched eagerly.On screen, the girls had cleared the table and were all lying on their backs, with their legs in the air.The guys were lined up, taking a few strokes in each ass before moving down the line.Three cocks and four assholes made for lovely variety.Stacey got up on her hands and knees and the overhead view sucked so Nelson shifted to the USB cam on the night table and it was a perfect view of his dad’s 7 inch erection slipping straight into Stacy’s asshole, with almost no resistance.He added another squirt of lube in his palm and barely picked up the speed of his stroking when he began to cum again.From this angle Nelson couldn’t see the TV anymore but it didn’t seem to matter as Sam began to alternate stokes between Stacy’s asshole and cunt.Sam said “baby, I’m getting really close, want to finish up in 69?”“only if you can cum and drink at the same time, I’m getting desperate!”Sam rolled onto his back and Stacy rolled on top of him, settling her clearly wet cunt onto his eagerly waiting mouth before moving to take his erection back into her own mouth.From this angle Nelson could only see Stacy’s cunt as Sam reached up with both hands to spread it wide and watch as she began to pee.He was obviously practiced at this because he was able to swallow with his mouth open and not miss a drop even though he was clearly cumming himself.“Wow baby, that was amazing” said Sam, “Want to watch the rest oft the movie or call it a night?”Nelson wasn’t sure which answer he wanted as he didn’t want to miss anything, but didn’t think he could cum again any time soon.Stacy solved the situation for him by saying she was bushed and wanted to sleep, so Sam turned off the TV and they got into bed and turned out the lights leaving Nelson looking at a dark screen.He put his system back into motion record mode and went to sleep himself, not being able to recall such an excellent day ever in his life.




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